Educational Marketing Webinar Series Kit

Education-Based Marketing gives customers advice and knowledge without requiring anything in return. Establishes yourself as an authority and your prospective customers will see you as a reliable source of expertise.

Here’s how it works:

Your company registers for a 2020 time slot of one to two hours including:

  • the title of your presentation
  • format preferred: Webinar or Podcast
  • a short outline of the content
  • the name and photo of the presenter
  • three quiz questions per hour
  • $500 per educational ad

AARST and/or NRPP will:

  • Review the submittal for NRPP Continuing Education (CE) approval
  • Advertise your presentation to AARST Members, NRPP certified individuals, state radon programs, and other potential attendees
  • Host the presentation, manage registrations and administer the quiz
  • Award NRPP CE credit for each hour to attendees who pass the associated quiz
  • Attendance and CE Credit will be FREE to AARST Members
  • CE Credits will cost $14 per credit/hour to non-AARST members
  • Once CE is granted, it will automatically be posted in the attendee’s NRPP CE Portal
  • Sessions will be recorded; Sessions and quizzes will be available for on-demand downloads for two years before they expire.


  • To be scheduled for the 1st half of 2020, submittals must be received by AARST no later than January 31
  • To be scheduled for the 2nd half of 2020, submittals must be received by AARST no later than June 15 
    • A total of 12 Webinar slots are available between January 15 and June 30
    • A total of 6 Webinar slots are available between July 6 and December 31
    • A total of 10 Podcast productions will be available for 2020 and take the place of a scheduled webinar session
  • Time Slots will be awarded solely on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Submittals must be received by AARST no later than 3 weeks prior to the earliest preferred presentation date
  • No vendor/advertiser will be granted more than one time slot per six-month period
  • The sooner you register your submittal, the sooner we can review it and schedule a presentation date

Presentations can include information about your product or service but MUST be educational in nature – NOT a sales pitch. Conclusion of the session may include an invitation to events you hold, how to download a free report or e-book from your website, a complimentary, no-obligation phone consultation.  (Podcasts can include a 30 second and 60 second commercial) Remember, the purpose is to build trust and establish credibility by sharing knowledge.  No reference, direct or implied to competitors will be allowed.

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