The Rn Biz™ Ad Kit

Monthly advertising in the AARST e-newsletter reaches over 3000+ AARST members and NRPP certified professionals. Your message lands in your customer’s inboxes every month. With ads placed throughout each issue they are linked directly to your URL or “specials page.”

Rn Biz is now a web page on the AARST website, and in a two-column format, to allow best viewing for stacking on mobile devices. Monthly Rn Bizzes may be found at Articles are inserted into the monthly editions as excerpts of blog posts. The AARST News Blog can be found at AARST News. The size of the ads remain 400 PX High X 600 PX Wide (jpgs and pngs only please). New images may be uploaded onto your dashboard for the following month before the due dates indicated. Be aware how images translate on mobile devices and design your ad accordingly.

*Note: Placement of ads in each monthly edition is based on a rotation of the order in which advertising contracts are received. First contract received is placed at the top, then all following contracted advertisers are placed below throughout the edition in the order they were received. Each month the top ad drops to the bottom and rotates back up to the top. Single ad inserts are placed at the bottom, entering the upward rotation for as many months as purchased.

Pricing for One Year:  $1200
Pricing for Single Inserts:  $120