The Radon Report Card: Risk and Response
Population and Lung Cancer      Total Population: 4,181,886
Lung Cancer Deaths:
Age-Adjusted Lung Cancer Incidence Rate
(per 100,000) 47
Lung Cancer Cases
Radon-Induced Lung Cancer Cases
  * Medical Costs (hospital, medicine, doctors)
  * Economic Costs (lost wages / productivity)

Buildings and Exposure Potential
Pre-Mitigation Radon Tests: 63,056
Percent by Radon Level  
  < 2 pCi/L

  ≥ 2 to < 4 pCi/L

  ≥ 4 pCi/L

Housing Units by Structure Type
1 to 4 Units 5 or More Units Total
Existing 1,465,788 297,853 1,763,641
New 12,322 9,715 22,037
Public Schools: 1,263

EPA and ANSI-AARST Radon Measurement Standards recommend fixing a building with a radon level ≥ (above or equal to) 4 pCi/L and consider fixing it if any radon level is ≥ 2 and < (below) 4 pCi/L.
Statewide Radon Policies
Credential Required None
Radon Standards in Effect None
Homebuyer Protection Required Disclosure Only
Radon System Requirement for New Homes Zone 1 Counties
    Type of New Home Where Required One- and Two-Family; Apartment Buildings
    Standard/Code for Radon System in New Homes IRC Appendix F modified
School Testing Required Yes
Radon System Requirement for New Schools Zone 1