The AARST Radon Report Card: Risk and Response
Population and Lung Cancer      Total Population: 7,523,869
Lung Cancer Deaths:
Age-Adjusted Lung Cancer Incidence Rate
(per 100,000) 49

Lung Cancer Cases
Estimated Radon-Induced Lung Cancer Cases

Buildings and Exposure Potential
Pre-Mitigation Radon Tests: 39,537
Percent by Radon Level  
  < 2 pCi/L

  ≥ 2 to < 4 pCi/L

  ≥ 4 pCi/L

Housing Units by Structure Type
1 to 4 Units 5 or More Units Total
Existing 2,460,453 639,232 3,099,685
New 25,798 22,626 48,424
Public Schools: 2,507
Statewide Radon Policies
Credential Required None
Radon Standards in Effect None
Homebuyer Protection Required Disclosure Only
Radon System Requirement for New Homes Zone 1 Counties
    Type of New Home Where Required All Residential Buildings
    Standard/Code for Radon System in New Homes IRC Appendix F
School Testing Required No
Radon System Requirement for New Schools No