AARST Needs American Radon Policy Campaign (ARPC) Advertisers

The American Radon Policy Campaign (ARPC) is AARST’s program to represent the radon industry through lobbying in Washington DC and state capitals. It will be supported in 2023 by members and companies purchasing special advertising in the July issue of the Radon Reporter for sponsorship at the Vanguard, Champion, Legionnaire, Elite, Standard Bearer, Defender, and Advocate levels. Payments (or multi-month pledges) must be received by May 31st. The Advocate, Defender, and Standard Bearer Advertisers have the added benefit of having a half-page ad in the digital magazine, recognizing them, their leadership, and their commitment to AARST policy goals. All other level Advertisers will be featured in a combined ad.

AARST needs support to advance federal funding for State Indoor Radon Grants and EPA’s Radon Program as well as new state laws for Regulation through Certification, Homebuyer Awareness, and other AARST policy priorities. The opportunities to help as an ARPC Advertiser range from $50 per month to $20,000 a year. Please become an ARPC Advertiser today.

The following is taken from The Radon Reporter Spring 2017 Issue:

Why are funds needed?
Although radon is responsible for more than 21,000 US lung cancer deaths each year resulting from exposure to radon in homes, schools, and other workplaces, federal support for action on radon is governed by political choices about budget priorities, environmental policies, and consumer protection. Lobbying and other advocacy activities fuel political outcomes. Like any other serious industry, the radon profession needs experienced representation in Washington DC to tell the story of radon risk and explain what federal actions can help reduce risk (and which ones increase risk). It costs money to deliver those messages.

What’s the ARPC?
The American Radon Policy Campaign (ARPC) was created in 2008 as a vehicle for asking key federal agencies to provide leadership in protecting people from radon exposure. As concerns about federal radon policy gaps grew, it became apparent that AARST needed a formal presence in Washington to supplement efforts by AARST staff, board, members, and allies. In
2013, the AARST board authorized the Executive Director to hire lobbyist Randy Pence of Capitol Hill Associates and to fund the lobbying work with ARPC100 Advertiser fees from members who place ads in a special ARPC advertising publication. Each year ARPC  funds cover the cost of lobbying work and travel expenses for key leaders to attend meetings in Washington DC.

Are members already supporting the ARPC?
Yes. In 2016, the board decided to dedicate a $25 portion of each member’s dues payment to the ARPC. AARST dues payments may be deductible as ordinary business expenses in accordance with IRS rules and regulations, but the $25 portion is not deductible because it is used for ARPC lobbying activities.

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