International Radon Symposium Proceedings


Annually, a Call for Papers is sent out internationally to all radon related research institutions. Papers are submitted and peer-reviewed, of those selected the presenters are invited to present at the Symposium and some are asked to publish their papers. The Proceedings are those published papers. 

Proceedings 1988 – 2022   International Radon Symposium

2022 - Bellevue, Washington Author
Influence of Outdoor Radon Levels on Indoor Radon LevelsBill Brodhead
Radon In Concrete Passive Venting Mitigation Bill Brodhead, Omer Zeyrek
Radon Measurements on Higher Floors in Swedish Multi-Family HousesTryggve Rönnqvist
Evaluating the E-Perm RT Chamber for use Measuring Rn-220 in a Cave EnvironmentLawrence E. Welch, Emma J. Art, Garrett D. Rau, Matthew J. Frana, Edward C. Klausner, Elizabeth R. Miller, Mark D. Jones, Michael J. Lace
2021 - Bethesda, MD Author
Influence of Decreasing Barometric Pressure Frequencies of Heterogeneous Underground Radon Supplies.Riley Carey
Use of Sniffers in Radon MitigationBill Brodhead
Contextualizing Radon Activity in Northeastern Iowa Caves by Measuring Uranium and Thorium at the Radon Sampling SitesLawrence E. Welch
2020 - Virtual Author
2020 AARST Master ProceedingsAARST
Measuring At-Grade Radon Mitigation ExhaustBill Brodhead
2019 - Denver, CO Author
2019 AARST Master ProceedingsAARST
Correlating Radon Activity With Carbon Dioxide Concentration in an Iowa CaveLawrence E. Welch, Yu-An I. Chen, Mark D. Jones, Christopher L. Beck
Highly Sensitive Passive Detectors for Short-term Pre and Post Mitigation MeasurementsDobromir Pressyanov
2018 - Myrtle Beach, SC Author
2018 AARST Master ProceedingsAARST
Large Decrease Of Radon Concentrations In New Built Swedish Dwellings RonnqvistTryggve Rönnqvist
Quality Assurance In Measurement Of Radon In Water By Liquid Scintillation Counting SahaUttam Saha, Leticia Sonon, Pamela R. Turner, Dana Lynch, Gabrielle Dean
Summary Of Research On Mitigation System Design And Monitoring McalaryTodd McAlary, William Wertz, Darius Mali
Welch Correlating Environmental Variables With Radon Activity In An Iowa Cave 2018Lawrence E. Welch, Anna Takashima, Monica B. Miguel, Brigitte C. Layug, Mark D. Jones, Christopher L. Beck
What We Know About Uranium And Radon Georgia Well Waters SahaUttam Saha, Leticia Sonon, Pamela R. Turner, Dana Lynch, Gabrielle Dean
2017 - New Orleans, LA Author
2017 AARST Master ProceedingsAARST
A Comparison Of Various Factors Affecting Analysis Of Radon In Water By Liquid Scintillation Counting SahaUttam Saha, Leticia Sonon, Michael E. Kitto, Pamela R. Turner, Dana Lynch, Gabrielle Dean
Depth Profiling Of Radon In Vertical Shafts Using Electret Ionization Chambers WelchLawrence E. Welch, Brian E. Paul, Emily C. Miller, Yu-An I. Chen, Mark D. Jones, Christopher L. Beck
Lafontaine Proposed Performance And Listing Criteria For Professional Radon Measurement Devices 2017Michael LaFontaine
2016 - San Diego, CA Author
2016 AARST Master ProceedingsAARST
Indoor-surveys Radon Potential Maps And Their ImpactsRonald K. Churchill, Ph.D.
Alternative Approaches To Managing School Mitigation And Sub Slab Diagnostic TestingBruce Fergusson, CIH
Optimized 90 Day Long-term Eic E-perm MonitorPaul Kotrappa, Lorin C. Stieff, and Frederick Stieff
Establishing Performance Quality Assurance And Listing Criteria For Home Radon Alarms Michael LaFontaine, Pam Warkentin
Radon Discharge Locations That Are Shown To Affect Interior Radon Concentrations NegativeDr. Leo Moorman
Moorman Reducing Radon Levels Below 2.0 Pci-lDr. Leo Moorman
Long Term Average Radon Levels Measured In A Few Days Implications To Risk Communication And Mitigation StrategyDobromir S. Pressyanov
Rathbun Construction And Testing Of A Simple Radon ChamberLyle Rathbun
A Passive Dual Film Alpha Track Detector For Measuring In Two PositionsTryggve Rönnqvist
Testing Mapping Public Education And Mitigation Of Testing Of Uranium And Radon In Household Waters In GeorgiaUttam Saha, Leticia Sonon, Michael Kitto, Pamela R. Turner, Dana Lynch, Gabrielle Walters
Assessment Of Risk And Viability In Radon Mitigation Projects Of Multifamily Residential PropertiesGordon Satoh, M.S.
Technical Basis For the use of Indoor Radon Measurements for Chemical Vapor Intrusion ConcernsHenry Schuver, Daniel Steck, Brian Schumacher, Chris Lutes, Chase Holton
Use Of Electret Ionization Chambers To Measure Radon In CavesLawrence E. Welch, Brian E. Paul, Mark D. Jones
2015 - Bloomington, MN Author
2015 AARST Master Proceedings
Effect Of Sub-slab Pressurization On Indoor Basement Temperature And Relative HumidityCalvin Murphy
Relative responses of bare and enclosed CR-39 Alpha-Track detectors under conditions of high and low particle concentrationPhillip H. Jenkins, PhD and Jill P. Newton
Measurement of radon in natural gas and in propane using electret ion chambersPaul Kotrappa, Lorin Stieff and Frederick Stieff
Measurement Of Radon Levels In Caves: Logistical hurdles And SolutionsLawrence E. Welch, Brian E. Paul, Mark D. Jones
Minnesota Department Of Health's Radon Resistant New Construction Effectiveness StudyJoshua Miller, MS, MBA
2014 - Charleston, SC Author
2014 AARST Master Proceedings
Engaging Oncology Nurses In A Primary Prevention Project Related To Radon Exposure Outcome Analysis And Implications For PracticeMaureen H. Quick
Residential Radon Concentrations In Kathmandu Valley Using Solid State Nuclear Track DetectorsDinesh Thapa and Buddha Ram Shah
Attenuation Of Thoron (rn220) In Tyvek® MembranesPaul Kotrappa, Lorin Stieff and Frederick Stieff
Solving The Conflict Between Basement Waterproofing Best Practice And Radon Management In The United KingdomMartin Freeman
The Effect Of Rain Andhvac SettingPascal Acree
Public Health Policy For Testing Radon In Montana SchoolsVeronica J. Champer, MN, FNP-BC and Laura S. Larsson, PhD, MPH, RN
Radon Risk Awareness Among University Employees Of Obafemi Awolowo Univeristy, Ile-ifeOlusegun T Afolabi1, *Deborah Falode, Bosun Banjoko, Adedeji A Onayade and Tobih J.E.
Why Charcoal Devices Must Be Analyzed Soon After Measurement Uncertainty And Minimum Detectable ConcentrationPhillip H. Jenkins
Alert But Dont Alarm Radon Risk Communication Strategies Of A Uk MitigatorRebecca Coates
Individual Initiatives Improve Healthy Housing Through Public PolicyGloria Linnertz
Combining Tobacco Cessation And Radon Testing Multiagency Collaboration To Promote The Health Of MontanansLaura S. Larsson
National And Local Perspectives On Radon Resistant New Construction PoliciesAllison K. Nesseth, BSN, RN
2013 - Springfield, IL Author
2013 AARST Master Proceedings
Testing Foundation Types During Radon Screening And Its Implications For Client Safety And MitigationWallace O. Dorsey Jr.
Advanced Calibration Equations For E-perm® Electret Ion ChambersPaul Kotrappa, Alexandra Stieff and Frederick Stieff
Potential Radon Release During Fracking In ColoradoJames Burkhart, Thomas Huber, and George Bolling
Applying Dynamic Controls And Remote Monitoring To Radon Mitigation Systems To Advance Energy Conservation And The Stabilization Of Indoor Radon ConcentrationsThomas E. Hatton, Daniel J. Nuzzetti
Measurement Of Thoron And Its Progeny In Traditional And Modern Earthen Buildings In Germany: Methodology And ResultsOliver Meisenberg, Stefanie Gierl and Jochen Tschiersch
Impact Of The New Bss In The Spanish Radon ProgramLuis S. Quindos Poncela, Carlos Sainz Fernandez, Jose-Luis Gutierrez Villanueva, Ismael Fuente Merino
Super Moon 2012 Sheds Light On Radon Gas Migration A Case Study Of Environmental Influences On A Residential Radon TestMark H. Whitehead
Radon Risk Communication Strategies: A Regional StoryWinnie Cheng
2012 - Las Vegas, NV Author
2012 AARST Master Proceedings
The Assesment Of The Radon Problem In Switzerland And The New National Radon Action Plan 2012-2020.Fabio Barazza
Radon Control In New Homes: A Meta-analysis Of 25 Years Of ResearchWilliam J. Angell
A Geologic Mapping Approach To Identify Radon Hot-spots In California And Ramifications For The State’s Radon Risk PictureRonald Churchill, Ph.D.
The Use Of Barrier Bags With Radon DetectorsAlexandra Stieff, Paul Kotrappa and Frederick Stieff
The Uk Ministry Of Defence Radon Safety ProgrammeDee Emerson and Dean Williams
U.S. State Radon Programs Data Collection & Program ActivitiesGenelle R.S. Lamont
A Pilot Study On The Air Quality In Passive Houses With Particular Attention To RadonA. Poffijn, O. Tonet, B. Dehandschutter, M. Roger and C. Bouland
Small Volume (53ml) Eic With On/off MechanismFrederick Stieff and Paul Kotrappa
A Regional Scale Radon Monitoring Network In The Volcanic Island Of Tenerife, Canary Islands (spain)Ronaldo Viñas, Antonio Eff-Darwich, José A. Rodríguez-Losada, Luis E. Hernández
Characterization And Use Of An Accumulating Type Of Radon Test ChamberPaul Kotrappa and Frederick Stieff
2011 - Orlando, FL Author
2011 AARST Master Proceedings
220rn In Indoor Environment And Work Places: A ReviewT.V.Ramachandran and L.A.Sathish
Current State Of The Art In Measuring Environmental RadonA.C. George and N. Bredhoff
Distribution Of 220rn And Its Progeny In A Dwelling Of Bangalore, IndiaL.A. Sathish, Samvit G. Menon, K. Nagaraja and T.V. Ramachan
Radiation Dose Due To Indoor 222rn And 220rn Levels In Bangalore City, IndiaNagaraj and L. Paramesh
Radon As An Environmental Justice IssueC. Murphy
Radon Testing For Low-income Montana FamiliesLaura S. Larsson, Patricia Butterfield, Wade G. Hill, Gail Houck, Deborah C. Messecar and Shirley Cudney
Residential Radon Exposure And Multiple Sclerosis: A Pilot StudyJohn S. Neuberger, Niaman Nazir, John Keighley, Sharon Lynch
Seasonal Variation Of Radon - 222 Concentration In Shops And Pharmacies Of Alzarqa Town- JordanAbd-Elmoniem A. Elzain
Studies On Radon At Mysore City, IndiaM. S. Chandrashekara, B. M. Rajesh, K. M. Nagaraj and L. Paramesh
The Occurrence Of Radon On The Tobique First Nation Reserve And Its Implication For Radon Occurrence Along The Saint John River ValleyVictor K. Nowicki
Water By-pass And Ice Blocking Device With Clean-out Port To Protect Outdoor Radon FansWayne E. Bailey
2010 - Columbus, OH Author
2010 AARST Master Proceedings
Nation Wide 222rn And 220rn Atlas For IndiaT.V. Ramachandan, L.A. Sathish, S. Sundareshan
Comparison Of Two Day Consecutive Radon Measurement Results To A 90 Day Average Measurement Results Using The Data From Continuous Radon Monitors In A Typical Single Family Home In Frederick, Md, UsaP. Kotrappa, F. Stieff
Experimental Determination Of The Effectiveness Of Radon BarriersM. Kitto, E. Perazzo
The Distribution Of Indoor Radon Concentrations In A Large Population Of HomesW. Hobbs
Improving Indoor Air Quality By Reducing Radon And Vapor Intrusion Through The Use Of Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (evoh)R. B. Armstrong, M. ASME, M. SPE, M. IGS.
Examination Of Ohio Indoor Radon DataA.. Kumar, A. Kadiyala, V. Devabhaktuni, A. Akkala, D. Manthena
Should Only Active Radon Resistant New Construction Be Required In All Zone One Counties In Alabama?J. McNees
Radon-related Lung Cancer Deaths And Mitigation Cost Effectiveness In A Radon-prone RegionD. Steck
Designing Efficient Sub Slab Venting And Vapor Barrier Systems For Schools And Large BuildingsT. Hatton
The Spatial And Volumetric Variations Of Radon Inbangalore City, IndiaLA Sathish, K Nagaraja, HC Ramanna, V. Nagesh, S Sundareshan and TV Ramachandran
2009 - St. Louis, MO Author
2009 AARST Master Proceedings
A Living Radon Reference ManualR. Lewis, P. Houle
Can Cat Litter Be A Source Of Indoor Radon ?M. Kitto, T. Menia
Cold Climate Radon Mitigations A Canadian’s PerspectiveR. Wood
Employee Exposure To Radon-222 And Thoron-220 In Three Fish Culture Stations In PennsylvaniaR. Lewis, N. Harley
Energy Losses And Operational Costs Of Radon Mitigation SystemsL. Moorman
Evaluation Of Radon´s Emission In Ornamental RocksGavioli, Y. S., Correia, J. C. G., Caranassios, A., Ribeiro, R.C.C. , Lamego, F. F. ,Melo, V. P.
Factors Associated With Residential Radon Testing Intentions Among Kentucky HomeownersG. Rinker
Laboratory Intercomparison Of Radon-in-water StandardsM. Kitto, A. Bari, D. Haines, T. Menia, E. Fielman
Measurement Of Granite Countertop And Other Building Materials Radon EmanationM. DeVaynes, S. Price, J. Alvarez
Mitigation Approach On Reducing The Neutral Pressure Plane Stand-alone Or Combined With Other MethodsG. Roserens
Pre- And Post-market Measurements Of Gamma Radiation And Radon Emanation From A Large Sample Of Decorative GranitesD. Steck
Radon Flux Monitor For In Situ Measurement Of Granite And Concrete SurfacesP. Kotrappa, F. Stieff, D. Steck
Stimulating Radon Safe Building In Radon Prone Areas By Detailed Scale Radon Hazard MappingA. Poffijn, B. Dehandschutter, E. Noel, S. Pépin, M. Sonck
Uncertainties In The Evaluation Of The Dose Coming From Radon In Tourist CavesC. Fernández, I. Merino, L. López, J. Luis, G. Villanueva, J. Luis, A. García, L. Poncela
Whole Building Ventilation Of High Rise Condominium With Elevated Radon From ConcreteB. Brodhead, T. Hatton
2008 - Las Vegas, NV Author
2008 AARST Master Proceedings
Measuement Of 222-rn By Absorption In Polycarbonates-research And PracticeD. Pressyanov, I. Dimitrova, S. Georgiev, K. Mitev
Electret Ion Chambers (eic) To Measure Radon Exhalation Rates From Building MaterialsP. Kotrappa and F. Stieff
Natural Radioactivity In Building Materials-czech Experience And European LegislationJ. Hulka, J. Vlcek, J. Thomas
An Update On The New Canadian Radon Guideline And Its ImplementationN. Rahman, R. Falcomer, J. Chen, D. Moir
Experimental Study On Passive Sub-slab Depressurisation SystemsB. Collignan, M. Abdelouhab, F. Allard
Complex System Of Radon Diagnosis Methods And Specific Experimental And Theoretical Procedures Applied In The Indoor Building EnvironmentA. Fro?ka, L. Mou?ka
Conclusion Of A Multi-year Study On The Elevation Effects On Scintillation Cell Counting Efficiency Focusing On The Pylon? Model 300J. Burkhart, B. Abrams, P. Jenkins
Creativity Applied To A Hard To Solve Radon Problem; A Residence On Mining TailingsL. Moorman
Disposal Of Granular Activated Charcoal Used For The Treatment Of Radon-222 In Well WaterR. Lewis, P. Houle
Elevated Radon Levels In High Rise Condominiums From Concrete EmanationB. Brodhead
A Brief History Of Radon Measurements And Remdediation In SpainC. Sainz-Fernandez, L. Quindós-Poncela, I. Fuente-Merino, J. Arteche-Garcia, J. Matarranz, L. Quindós-Lopez
Emission Of Radon From Decorative StoneM. Kitto, D. Haines, H. DiazArauzo
Experiences In Protection And RemediationM. Neznal, M. Neznal
Lung Cancer Risk Attributable To Indoor Radon In A High Radon Potential Region Of FranceO. Catelinois, F. Clinard, K. Aury, P. Pirard, L. Noury, A. Hochard, C. Tillier
Radon Diffusion Coefficient-a Material Property Determing The Applicability Of Waterproof Membranes As Radon BarriersM. Jiránek, K. Rovenská, A. Fro?ka
Post-mitigation Radon Concentrations In Minnesota HomesD. Steck
Seasonal Radon Variations In Utah Testing Results: Short Term Test Results Within 10% Of The Epa Threshold (4.0 Pci/l) Should Be Repeated In A Different SeasonD. Neville, J. Hultquist
Radon, Thoron And Their Progeny In Lancaster Pa HomesH. Stewart, D. Steck
Analysis Of Long-term Measusrements Of Radon In A Dolomite CaveK. Rovenská, L. Thinová
Measuring Radon And Thoron Emanation From Concrete And Granite With Continuous Radon Monitors And E-permsB. Brodhead
Working With Partners To Make The Most Of National Radon Action MonthC. Ladage, P. Daniels
Solving Turbulent Flow Dynamics Of Complex, Multiple Branch Radon Mitigation SystemsL. Moorman
Radon Prevention And Mitigation In Finland: Guidance And PracticesH. Arvela, H. Reisbacka, P. Keraenen
2007 - Jacksonville, FL Author
Passive Radon Progeny Dosimeters: FeasiblityD. Steck, D. Harrison
Establishment Of A Revised Protocol For Residential Radon Mitigation SystemsA. Bennett
Assessment Of The E-perm Radon-in-water Measurement KitM. Kitto, D. Haines, E. Fielman, T. Menia, A. Bari
Thyroid Cancer And Radon Link? A Preview Of A Hospital Study In Colorado Springs, CoJ. Burkhart, P. Dumbacher
The Compact Disc As A Retrospective Radon Detector: Performance Of The MethododlogyD. Pressyanov
Using Continuous Monitors To Test The Uniformity Of A Radon ChamberP. Jenkins
Mold, Pollen And Other Chemical Compounds In Effluent Air Of Residential HomesB. Wholeben
Year To Year Indoor Radon VariationD. Steck
2006 - Kansas City, MO Author
Uranium Prospecting For Accurate Time-efficient Surveys Of Radon Emissions In Air & Water, With Comparison To Earlier Radon And He SurveysCharlton, J; Kotrappa, P
New-home Radon Up - Rrnc Policy Down -- Can The Gap Be Addressed By Local Public Health LawsDelano, D; Peter, R
In Situ Airborne Radon Monitoring For Standards Compliance With Osha - Nrc - EpaJagam, P; Ila, P
Prediction Of Radon Concentrations At Concreting In Construction Sites With Limited VentilationKovler, K
Design And Performance Of A Passive Radon Decay Products MonitorKotrappa, P; Stieff, F
Relative Health Risk Factor Comparisons That Include Ultrafine Rdp Fraction MeasurementsMoorman, L
The Effect Of Building Codes And House Age On Radon Concentrations In MinnesotaSteck, D
Using A Radon Pressure Chamber To Determine Cell Counting Efficiencies As A Function Of ElevationBurkhart, J; Jenkins, P; Morland, E
A Preliminary Thoron Survey In The Upper MidwestSteck, D
2005 - San Diego, CA Author
A Diffusion Cloud Chamber For Viewing Alpha TracksBurkhart, J
The Effect Of Ventilation And Filtration On RadonBrodhead, B
Elevation Effects On Radon Cell Counting EfficiencyBurkhart, J; Jenkins, P; Camley, R
Emanation From Granite CountertopsKitto, M; Green, J
Intercomparison Of Sensitivity And Accuracy Of Radon Measuring Instruments And MethodsGeorge, A
Lessons Learned From Evaluating & Installing Radon Mitigation Systems For The Navy & Air Force In The PacificBrodhead, B
Radon Vs ProgenyJennemann, P
Radon Flux Measurements As Predictor For Indoor Radon Concentrations In New Home Residential StructuresMoorman, L
Radon Mapping In Southern California -- Recent California Geological Survey Radon ActivitiesChurchill, R
Radon Resistant New Construction (rrnc) Efficiency TestingHanson, B
Radon Testing With Data LoggersAnttila, E
Residential Radon Risk Assessment -- How Well Is It Working In A High Radon RegionSteck, D
The Red Box, A Device To Assess The Potential For Elevated Indoor RadonHobbs, W
2004 - Newport, RI Author
Alabama Karst Variability StudyMcNees, J; Roberts, S
The Radon Situation In SwedenSedin, D; Hjelte, I
Lung Cancer Prevention Through Radon Mitigation -- Urgency And Effectiveness From A Local PerspectiveMoorman, L
Linkage -- Multiple Sclerosis And Ionizing RadiationEidbo, W; Prater, M
Proposed New Jersey Radon Resistant School Construction CodeBrodhead, B
Radon And Humans From Another PerspectiveLykken, G; Momcilovic, B
Radon In The Workplace, The Osha Ionizing Radiation RegulationsLewis, R
Radon Monitor Calibration Using Nist Radon Emanation StaKotrappa, P; Stieff, L; Volkovitsky, P
Radon Survey Of Recent Home BuyersKitto, M
The Radon Analyzer, A New Data Analysis ToolLewis, R
Radon Diffusion & The Emanation Fraction For Nist Polyethylene Capsules Containing Radium SolutionVolkovitsky, P
2003 - Nashville, TN Author
Classroom Radon Measurements In The Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District, Palos Verdes Estates, CaFukumoto, L; Duval, J; Fukumoto, J
Analysis Of Residential Radon Measurements In Kansas Utilizing Graphical Information System (gis) ToolsHanson, B
Assessment Of Occupational Exposure To Airborne 222rn In Three Minnesota Water Treatment PlantsKerber, J; Jones, D; Peterson, K
Radon In New York State's SchoolsKitto, M; Collins, J; Salame-Alfie, A
Monitoring Of Radon In UkraineKomov, I
Advanced E-perm System For Simultaneous Measurement Of Radon Gas, Radon Progeny, Equilibrium Ratio & Unattached Radon ProgenyKotrappa, P; Stieff, R; Stieff, L
Short-term Electret Ion Chamber Blind Testing ProgramLewis, R
Technical Considerations In Radon Fan ApplicationMacklin, A
Radon-resistant New Construction (rrnc) Efficiency Testing In Manhattan, KansasSnead, B; Hanson, B
Measurement Of Radon Exhalation Rate From Indian Granite TilesSundar, S, B; Ajoy, K; Dhanasekaran, A; Gajendiran, V; Santhanam, R
Measurements In Eight Radon-resistant New HousesWeiffenbach, C; Marshall, C
Using Asd To Mitigate Co2 Methane And BenzeneBrodhead, B
School Mitigation Design ConsiderationsBrodhead, B
2002 - Reno, NV Author
Relationship Between The Permeability Coefficient Of Concrete And Low-pressure DifferentialsAbu-Irshaid, E; Renken, K
Performance Of Low Wattage Fans & Small Pipe Sizes With Asd SystemsBrodhead, B
Designing Commercial Sub-slab Depressurization SystemsBrodhead, B
Preliminary Field Data On The Utilization Of An Electromagnetic Shield To Reduce Indoor Radon Gas EntryDaoud, W; Renken, K
Cooperative Extension's Contributions To Reducing Radon Levels In The Home -- Past & Future CollaborationsDrennen, A; Drennen, N; Tremblay Jr, K
Rrnc -- Radon Resistant New Construction Fact Or FictionGrammer, D
Reducing The Electrical Cost Of Radon MitigationHobbs, W
Effect Of Activity Patterns On Radon ExposureHobbs, W
A Critique Of The Epa Method For Analyzing And Calibrating Charcoal Canisters For Radon MeasurementsJenkins, P
Relationship Of Soil Radon Flux To Indoor Radon Entry RatesKitto, M
Difficult To Digest Myths And Mysteries Of RadonKotrappa, P
Assessment Of Radon-222 Concentration Inside Dwellings And In Soil In JordanKullab, M
Four Inches! Too Close, Too Far, Just RightLewis, R
Indoor Radon In Lithuania -- Sources, Doses, PeculiaritiesMorkunas, G; Pilkyte, L
Above Normal Outdoor Radon Levels In Central Florida -- A Preliminary Report Of Sampling ResultsPhillips, D; Eldredge, C; Klein, W
Accurate Measurement Of Rn Decay Product Concentration Ratios For Determining Air Exchange Rate And Rn Source In RoomsRolle, R
Exhaust Ventilation And Radon Induction In A Subarctic ClimateSeifert, R; Schmid Jr, J
Complex Radon Mitigation Of A Large BuildingWilson, D; Ng, S
Long-term Reliability Of Collateral MitigationWilson, D; Ng, S
2001 - Daytona Beach, FL Author
Comparison Of Two Standards For Radon Mitigation In Existing Low-rise Residential Buildings - Astm's E 2121 & Epa's RmsAnthes, P; Bell, W
Current Indoor Radon Studies In New York StateKitto, M; Green, J
An Investigation Of Radon Occurrence In Pennsylvania Fish And Boat Commission Fish Culture StationsLewis, R
The Effect Of Using An Electromagnetic Shield To Reduce Radon Gas Diffusion Through ConcreteDaoud, W; Renken, K
Experimental Measurements On The Permeability Coefficient Of A Concrete Sample Under Low Pressure DifferencesFerguson, L; Daoud, W; Renken, K
New Concept Regarding Monitoring Occupational Exposure Due To Radon & Radon Decay Products At Workplaces In Water Works In GermanySchwedt, J; Hamel, P
Two Abandoned Metalliferous Mines In Devon And Cornwall, Uk -- Radon Hazards And GeologyGillmore, G; Phillips, P; Pearce, G; Denman, A
Observations On The Role Of Nonprofits In Resolving Radon IssuesRector, H
Radon Fix-it Program -- Getting InvolvedConsumer Federation of American Foundation
Residential Waterborne Radon Removal Study Using Granular Activated Carbon (gac) Filtration SystemsJasensky, J
Entering A New Era In Responsible Radon Testing & StandardsGladstone, S
Radon Mitigation Standards, 2000 International Residential Code Vs. Epa Mitigation StandardsJennemann, P
2000 - Milwaukee, WI Author
Field Test Experience With Charcoal Canisters For Measuring 222radon In AirGeorge, A
Differences In Radium And Uranium Distributions In Quaternary DepositsEdsfeldt, C; Fernlund, J
A Study Of Radioactivity Concentrations In Warwick, NyKitto, M; Regilski, E; Moore, G; Salame-Alfie, A; Boepple, T
Variations In Radon Content In Soil & Dwellings In Kinsarvik Area, Norway, Are Strongly Dependent On Air TemperatureValen, V; Soldal, O; Gunter, B; Henriksen, H; Jensen, C; Lauritzen, S; Rydock, J; Rye, N; Strand, T; Sundal, A
Radon Measurements & Analysis For Central Pennsylvania Counties Having Elevated Radon LevelsDistenfeld, C; Distenfeld, J; Distenfeld, L
Qa-programme For Measurement Of Radon & Short-lived Radon Decay Products At Federal Office For Radiation Protection (bfs)Hamel, P; Schmidt, V
Dependence Of Barometric Pressure, Wind Velocity And Temperature On The Variation Of Radon ExhalationKojima, H; Nagano, K
Reproducible Measurements -- Have We Learned Anything Over The YearsHodgden, G
New Radon Monitoring SystemUber, R; Ziff, J
Epa Use Of Charcoal Canisters To Support The Environmental Justice ProgramWeeden, P; McLemore, S
Further Investigation Of Radon Gas Diffusion Through Fractured Concrete Samples Coated With A SealantDaoud, W; Renken, K
Experimental Measurements On The Permeability Coefficient Of A Concrete Sample Under Low Pressure DifferencesAbraham, G; Daoud, W; Renken, K
Review Of E-perm Passive Integrating Electret Ionization Chambers Measuring Radon & Thoran In Air, Radon In Water, Radon Flux From Surface & Mill TailingsKotrappa, P
The Long Term Durability Of Radon Protective Measures Used In New Uk DwellingsScivyer, C; Noonan, K
Using A Model To Estimate Effects Of Ventilation & Exhaust Appliances On The Accuracy Of A 48 Hour Radon TestBurkhart, J; Camley, R
1999 - Las Vegas, NV Author
Radon Resistant New Construction -- An Initial Evaluation Causes Some ConcernLewis, R
Practical Problems & Solutions For Transportation & Deployment Of E-perm Radon Monitors For Indoor Radon MeasurementsKotrappa, P
Inexpensive Method Of Accurately Measuring Average Radon Concentration In Radon Test Chamber Or In The FieldDistenfeld, C; Distenfeld, L
Obtaining Additional Indoor Radon Measurements In Under Served Areas Of New York StateKitto, M; Kunz, C
Development Of An Ohio Radon Web SiteKumar, A; Harrell, J; Heydinger, A
Fishing For Effective Business StrategiesStrong, M
New Insights From Radon Research In Interior AlaskaSchmid Jr, J; Johnson, R
Wood County Health Department Radon ProgramSnyder, P
Fluid-based System For Radon MitigationGross, K
Ventilation Level From Time Profile Of RadonHobbs, W
Experiments On Industrial By-product Utilization As A Concrete Admixture To Reduce Radon Gas Transport PropertiesLambert, T; Renken, K
Laboratory Measurement Of The Radon Gas Diffusion Coefficient For Fractured Concrete Sample & Radon Gas Barrier SystemsDaoud, W; Renken, K
Measurement Of Radon Variability In A Single Family Home Under Normal Living ConditionsLewis, R
Radon-in-water Sampling Problems May Cast Dark Shadow Over Most Recent Federal RegulationsPrice, S; Alvarez, B; Alvarez, J
A Survey Of Public Drinking Water Systems On Wells In ColoradoBurkhart, J; Martin, L; Kladder, S; Kladder, D
A New Look At The Twelve Hour Dynamic Equilibrium ProtocolBurkhart, J; Camley, R
1998 - Cherry Hill, NJ Author
Other Voices -- Organizations With A Share Of The Radon MissionRector, H
A Radon Curriculum For Professional Home InspectorsShefsky, S; Juliano, R
Karst Geology, Radon Fluctuations, & Implications For Measurement & MitigatioHughes, J; Turk, B; Cardwell, R
Bayes Theorem And Radon RiskHobbs, W
Electret Ion Chambers For Measurement Of Dissolved Radon In Water--review Of Methodology & LiteratureKotrappa, P
Targeting Towns For Additional Indoor Radon MeasurementsKitto, M; Kunz, C
Blind Testing Of Certified Alpha Track & Charcoal Laboratories By The Commonwealth Of PennsylvaniaLewis, R
Results From The First Annual Aarst Radon Measurement Intercomparison ExerciseJenkins, P
A Novel Approach For Automation Of Radon Measurements Using Activated CharcoalHoule, P; Polashenski, M
An Overview Of Radon -- A Guide For Installing Radon Control Systems In New HomesKladder, D; Burkhart, J; Rieg, P
Utilization Of Electro-osmotic Pulsing Technology To Reduce Radon Gas Diffusion--preliminary ResultsNam, Y; Renken, K
Mitigation Installation Efficiency TechniquesBrodhead, W
Advantages Of Using Dc Fans Over Ac Fans In Radon MitigationMichael, G; Michael, J
1997 - Cincinnati, OH Author
National Radon Safety Board -- A Proposed Prospectus And By-lawsJohnson, R
Getting Our Priorities AlignedLipoti, J
Radon Risk Maps For New York State -- Methodology, Correlations To Geology, And DistributionKunz, C; Green J; Schwenker, C; Regilski, E; Kitto, M
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Radon Education In Vermont Schools -- An Innovative Approach To An Environmental Health IssueSwartz, I
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