NRAM – National Radon Action Month

Welcome to the AARST NRAM 2021 Resource Guide. This page is dedicated to equipping the radon community with the tools to communicate this special message. Included, you will find ideas, templates, and instructions on making a successful NRAM in your community.

AARST is here to support your efforts and cheer on your successes as you participate in National Radon Action Month. Send us your accomplishments, and we will feature your successes on our social media platforms all month long!

Social Media Blitz for NRAM


Be an “influencer”: No time? No problem! Just “like and forward and share” all the posts about radon you see in your favorite social media feed from all of us in the radon community. Add your company name to it and you are good to go.  Visit any of our social media platforms below.

NRAM Facebook Campaign

Please use the images below on your social media platforms, two new engagements will be launched each week in January 2021 on the AARST and NRPP platforms and will be added below.

Radon Consumer Guides 

Distribute information flyers to your customer (PDFs). With help from AARST Kentucky Chapter (KARP) and their partners from BREATHE, AARST is supplying you with three PDFs as supporting documentation to give to clients. Like it and want to make it your own? Zip files with spacing for your company branding are available on your AARST member dashboard. These materials are copyrighted; do not alterIf you need help, please email

Real Estate and Radon

What Does Your Number Mean

Consumer Guide

To help share radon awareness in your community, the above three consumer resource guides are available below in multiple languages. Click the language you need and download a zip file containing the three handouts. These materials are copyrighted; do not alter. If you need help, please email



Proclamations are a way to connect with your local officials to proclaim January is National Radon Action Month. Need instructions? Download this Instruction sheet with templates to personalize you requests. When you get a proclamation, please share it with AARST; we will spread the word of your successes on our Social Media platforms. DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE