Policy Work

Public policy is one of the four pillars that undergird IEA’s effectiveness and provide for the future. Advocacy work at the federal, national, state and local level drives legislators’ and executive branch leaders’ awareness of radon as a problem; these policymakers have the power to enact and enforce the laws and codes that fuel demand for measurement, mitigation and radon-reducing new construction.

The IEA Government Affairs team maintains a strong and vital presence representing the radon industry before Congress, key federal agencies and national organizations.

Government Affairs also serves as the go-to technical resource for chapters and members in shaping state and local public policy. At the heart of the association’s public policy advocacy work is its members’ leadership in educating elected and appointed officials to advance meaningful state policies for credentialing radon professionals, testing buildings, and notifying prospective home buyers and tenants about the need to test for radon and effective state or local code requirements for radon systems in new buildings.

Contact nationalpolicy@aarst.org for answers to your policy questions – let us help you move your state to be the most protective!

National Policy

Recent successes include more protective multifamily lending policies at HUD and a testing requirement added to the IRC’s Appendix F as well as ensuring $96 million for state radon programs over the last 12 years.

State and Local Policy

States have the power to enact laws to protect the public from radon exposure. Twenty states require credentials for radon professionals. Ten states require notification of prospective homebuyers about the need to test for radon, and two require notifications of tenants.

Building Codes and Standards

Building codes govern new construction. Eleven states and numerous localities require radon systems in new homes.

Act Now – Support the PAC and ARPC

The association’s Political Action Committee supports legislators of interest to the radon industry.

The American Radon Policy Campaign supports IEA efforts to represent the radon industry in Washington DC and states.