Notice: 2024 Indoor Environments Association Board Election

The Indoor Environments Association election process begins with the Nominating Committee’s call this month for nominations to be submitted no later than June 1. The election will be conducted in September. The results will be announced at the Annual Meeting on September 17 in Orlando, Florida. Positions open for election are National Elected Directors (five) and Vice-President.

Path to be a Nationally Elected Indoor Environments Association Board Member Those eligible to run for the Nationally Elected Board, need to be members in good standing of the
Association. Officers and Nationally Elected Directors shall be elected by the membership of the Association by a secure, independent internet balloting service. For the Officer position, the winner shall be the candidate for that office receiving largest number of votes. For the positions of Nationally Elected Directors, winners shall be those having the largest number of votes among the candidates, as shall be enough to fill the number of open seats for said Directors. The election results shall be tabulated 24 hours prior to the Annual Meeting and announced at the Annual Meeting of the Association. In the event of a tie, the sitting Board will cast a tie-breaking vote consisting of a quorum of the Board.

Board Terms
As per the bylaws 5.06 regarding Terms of Officers, Officers serve for a term of two years or until their successors are elected. A President-elect shall be elected every other year for a one-year term and afterward shall serve as President for two years. The outgoing President shall become the Immediate Past President and shall serve as an Officer, for a term of one year. Except for the President, President-elect, and Immediate Past President, an Officer may serve a maximum of three consecutive terms plus the unexpired term of a previous Officer.

How to Apply?
Those interested, please contact to receive an Indoor Environments Association Board Member Nominating Profile submission form. Or access the form online.  Please submit the completed form no later than June 1, 2024.
– David Gillay, Chair, Nominating Committee