If you are using off-the-shelf mitigation system labels, chances are they are not compliant with the updated ANSI-AARST mitigation standard (SGM-SF-2017). An AARST staff review of labels from five different suppliers found them missing key information.

We all know that a system description label shall be placed on a primary component of each system, such as on duct piping near an ASD fan monitor, or within 12 inches of the electric service panel or other prominent location. And, the primary label title shall portray the system purpose, such as “Radon Reduction System” or “Soil Gas Control System” and include a place to record the installation date.

Now, take a minute to scroll through the following additional requirements to see what your label is missing:

  • Maintenance and monitoring instructions, to include a description of the system monitors and actions to take if the system monitors indicate system degradation or failure
  • A recommendation to conduct a radon test at least every 2 years
  • State and federal informational resources, to include websites or phone numbers
  • The installer’s name, phone number, and applicable certification/license identification

And that’s just the primary label. Have you reviewed the AARST standard for the other labeling requirements?

Finally, inspections of mitigation installations in Indiana revealed the fill-in-the-blank labels were frequently only partially filled out, if filled out at all.

To make sure your labels always include all the required info, consider ordering AARST compliant custom labels in bulk. This month’s RnBiz label advertiser, RadonLabels.com, will permanently donate 5% of all label order proceeds to the AARST Foundation for needed technical research.