Chapter FAQs

Who can form a chapter?

Any AARST member may form a chapter.

What is the process for starting a chapter?

Local AARST members must petition the Board of Directors in order to gain approval for the formation of a new chapter. Once approval is obtained, the new chapter can elect officers and establish the chapter as a legal entity. See Chapter Toolbox for more detailed information.

Why should I join a local chapter?

Local chapters give you the opportunity to stay informed about regional issues, events, and opportunities in the industry.  Many chapters focus on improving the health of their local communities by expanding radon awareness and serving as a grassroots advocates for legislative and policy changes. Chapters also provide quality, inexpensive training on all the latest radon topics, enabling you to fulfill continuing education requirements.

Can any person join a chapter?

Only AARST members may join a chapter.

How do we find other members who might want to join a chapter?

Contact the AARST Membership Coordinator for assistance at

Can more than one chapter serve the same community?

Chapters are not chartered with exclusive “rights” to a community of interest so it is permitted. However, in general, unless there is a demonstrated need it is unlikely. If a chapter is too large to manage with the available resources, then a second chapter would be considered.

Can organizations join a chapter?

No. Chapters are comprised of individual members. Multiple AARST members from an organization may join the chapter.

Do chapters charge dues?

No. National dues cover the chapter membership 

Do chapters charge for their meetings and if so, how much?

Meeting fees vary with each chapter and it is recommended you contact the chapter closest to you to learn more about their meeting schedule and fees.

How often do Chapters meet?

Chapters must meet at least once a year; however, many meet more frequently. 

Do the chapters have a voice at the national level?

Yes. The president of the chapter (or a delegate) serves as a voting member of AARST’s Chapter Council. The Chapter Council has two elected members with voting rights that represent the chapters during AARST Board Meetings.

Are volunteer opportunities available?

There are many volunteer opportunities in a chapter. Volunteering gives you the chance to develop your leadership skills while serving in your local community.