Since AARST’s formation in 1986,  association members have agreed to abide by this code when they join AARST.

This past June, the AARST Board approved an update of the Ethics Committee’s Standards Operating Procedures (SOPS) covering the procedures for filing a complaint with the AARST Professional Ethics Committee. Previously, in 2020, the AARST Board approved the first major update in over twenty years of the AARST Code of Ethics.

The Code of Ethics is a policy on what is considered ethical behavior within the jurisdiction of AARST including work and participation within the International Radon Symposium, and all Association meetings, committees and councils. This policy is separate from the NRPP Code of Ethics that governs the credentialing body and requirements of the National Radon Proficiency Program and as such it pertains only to actions and events within AARST. The policy is not meant to settle business disputes or disagreements outside of AARST not pertaining to radon professionalism.

The updated Code of Ethics is HERE.
The SOP that explains the guidelines and procedures for filing a complaint with the Ethics Committee is HERE.

Chaired by Board Member Laura Armul, the current Ethics Committee includes Jan Fisher, Kathy McDonald, and Joe Ganguzza. For further information contact AARST Executive Vice President Peter Hendrick at: