Ad Specifications for all Media

Advertising Ad Specs

All media for advertising is managed on the Advertiser Dashboard where you will find your due dates for the advertising you have purchased for the year. Media is uploaded onto the dashboard.

Radon Reporter Ad Art Formats and Deadlines
ALL ARTWORK SPECS FOR PRINT: PC generated artwork only. Acceptable formats are TIFF (minimum 300 dpi), JPEG (minimum 300 dpi), and PDF (must have fonts embedded and keep resolution). For color ads, please save colors as CMYK, not RGB, for better print accuracy.

Artwork Size:
FULL-PAGE AD: Include FULL BLEED at 8.75″w x 11.25″h 
HALF-PAGE AD: 3.75″w x 10″h OR 7.5″w x 5″h Please Specify Vertical or Horizontal
QUARTER-PAGE AD: 3.75″w x 5″h

2021 Issue Dates / ARTWORK DUE
Winter/Spring 2021 – Art due January 22, 2021
Spring/Summer 2021 – Art Due April 9, 2021
Fall/Winter 2021 – Art Due July 9, 2021

Rn Biz Ad Art Format and Deadlines
ARTWORK SPECS FOR Rn Biz: Circulated through Constant Contact and are designed for web viewing. Files: .jpeg, .png (not PDFs) Ads may also be YouTube videos. (If using a YT video supply the URL. The Constant Contact Video program uses an arbitrary image as the static front to click and play, static images may be supplied as the click-to YouTube URL (image size below).

Artwork Size:
5″h x 7.5″w, 300 dpi or, 400 px x 600 px, 72 dpi

Issue Dates / ARTWORK DUE:
Monthly. Art is due @ the week prior to the upcoming month.

Website Advertising:
ARTWORK SPECS FOR Web Ads: PC Only. Acceptable formats are .jpeg, .png

Artwork Size: 300 px ×300 px, 72 dpi

ARTWORK DUE: Prior to Jan. 1 for a full year contract, or at the time of insertion.