The Website Ad Kit

AARST owns two domains on which ads are placed. The website with the most traffic and of most value to advertisers under the AARST umbrella is The AARST website is designed for association members, while the NRPP website is designed for certified pros; those learning, taking entrance exams, getting certified, and renewing. AARST is restructuring the web advertising portion of the Media Kit as follows.

Three Ad Packs featured on NRPP website sections: Certification, Education and Devices. AARST are included in the Certification Ad Pack

Certification Ad Pack

All advertisers will be on Certification pages located on as well as the pages listed on, including the footers for both websites. Numbers of advertisers rotate within ad blocks. One block rotates in the footer of, two blocks rotate in the footer of 

Price for 12 months: $1200.00

Optional Web Ad Packs

To enhance your brand presence, you may select additional categories to be featured in. For instance, if your company has interest in training, you may purchase an Ad Pack for this section on the website, or if you have interest in device manufacture and analysis, the Device section on is an option.

Optional Web Ad Packs may be purchased alone or in additional to the the main Certification Ad Pack.