Last October, the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) implemented a new certification of special interest to home inspectors: Soil Gas Mitigation Compliance Inspector (SGM-CI). The role of this inspection is to verify whether an installed radon mitigation system complies with the latest version of ANSI-AARST SGM-SF Soil Gas Mitigation Standards for Existing Homes. It only applies where a system is present. The credential includes secure access to the SGM-CI Inspection phone app; once you submit the required photos and complete the checklist, the app will generate a PDF report you can send to your client directly from the site.

NRPP-certified Measurement Professionals who perform radon tests on behalf of the homebuyer know that sellers often hire a mitigator after being informed the radon report radon revealed an elevated radon concentration. Shopping for the lowest proposal price they can find, some sellers are focused on acquiring a post-mitigation test report below EPA’s Action Level and typically have no interest in the quality or safety of the installation. Besides receiving the post-mitigation report, purchasers who are so overwhelmed with everything else rarely pay further attention to the subject of radon or the mitigation system itself until well after closing.

Most of the complaints we receive at NRPP could have been prevented if a trained inspector had evaluated the installation and provided a detailed report to the buyer once the post-mitigation test was placed.

If you perform radon tests as part of your home inspection services, there is both a need and an opportunity to inform clients from the outset that if the radon test is elevated and the seller commits to have a soil gas mitigation system installed, they need you to return and perform an independent post-mitigation clearance test. And just as important, they need you to verify compliance with the ANSI-AARST SGM-SF Soil Gas Mitigation Standards for Existing Homes and provide a report identifying any deficiencies to be rectified prior to closing. Since timing is always tight, they can have you complete the mitigation inspection quickly so that the mitigation professional can be notified of any compliance issues well before the result of your post-mitigation radon test has come back.

Conscientious mitigation contractors are frustrated with the competitor who is uninsured, uses untrained installers, and cuts every corner to provide the lowest price in town. An increased likelihood of verification will motivate the corner-cutters to do the job right to begin with.

The prerequisites for Soil Gas Mitigation Compliance Inspector eligibility are: