Speakers Slides 2021

Day 1 Agenda – represents Plenary Sessions, Practice and Policy Track, Science and Research Track, Vapor Intrusion Track and Learning Labs.

Welcome Dawn Oggier
Indoor Radon – Does Everyone Live in a Superfund Site? Chris Bonniwell
ISO-17024 Update, Soil-Gas Mitigation Compliance Inspector Certification, Inspection App Dallas Jones
Two Options Soil-Gas Hazard Protection Pros have for Producing Soil-Gas Safe Communities Christopher (Chris) Lutes; Henry Schuver
Assessing Non-Cancer Effects of Radon Particle Radioactivity Carolina Zilli Vieira
MF Measurement Standard and the HUD MAP Guide Update Jessica Karns
The Long Game – Adequately Managing Indoor Air Risks David Gillay
Non-Compliance Case Studies Dallas Jones
Canadian Radon Initiatives and Comparison of Consumer-Grade CRMs Pam Warkentin; Brian Hanson
Learning Lab – 212Environmental
Crawl Space Encapsulation Dave Hill; Dane Malmberg; Wesley Hodgden
Learning Lab – RadonAway
A Discussion of Unique Mitigation Approaches for Non-Residential Buildings on Military Bases Rachel Carter
Remote Monitoring Telemetry – Eliminating Uncertainty in Mitigation Performance Chris Bonniwell
Case Studies Using Cyclonic Radon Extraction Mark Whitehead
AARST Annual Meeting
Domestic Rn Concentrations  Upstairs vs. Basement: A Study in NE & MW  USA
Simultaneous Long-term VOC and Rn Concentration Measurements: What Do they Tell us About Seasonal and Short-Term Temporal Variability? Christopher (Chris) Lutes
Using Sniffers in Radon Mitigation Diagnostics Bill Brodhead
Learning Lab – VaporTrac, LLC
ASD Energy Use (minimizing energy loss) Chad Robinson; Josh Kerber
Contextualizing Rn Activity in NE Iowa Caves by Measuring Uranium and Thorium at the Radon Sampling Sites Lawrence Welch
Learning Lab – SunRADON
Radon Measurements in Swedish Multi-family Houses Tryggve Ronnqvist
A Logical Approach for Evaluating the Vapor Intrusion Sewer Gas Pathway Gina Plantz
Large Building and Multifamily Mitigation Standard Update Gary Hodgden
Influence of Decreasing Barometric Pressure Frequencies on Heterogeneous Underground Rn Sources Riley Carey
Break & Exhibits
SSD Design and Installation Integration – Implementing Appropriate VI Solutions for Different Building Types Tony McDonald
Partnerships to Grow Affordable Mitigations Stacy Stanifer
The Benefits of a Centralized Public, and Geo-located Rn Measurement Database Jacob Parsons
Learning Lab – EcoSense
Radon Testing: Accuracy Begins in the Field Shawn Price
An Underground Testbed for Continuous & Real-time Measurement of Radon Ashwin Ashok
Influences and Implications of Indoor Air Background Concentrations on Health Risks in Residences and Commercial Buildings Jay Peters
Building Science 101 for Radon Professionals
Interacting with Chambers: How to avoid wasting money and time Phil Jenkins
Making Radon Visible Bruce Snead

Day 2 Agenda represents a Plenary Track and Learning Labs Track

Multifamily Buildings from Heck Wesley Hodgden; Jeff Sims
Learning Lab – TruTech Tools
Learning Lab – Ragnar Group
EARTH Study Final Results Michael Kitto
Welcome OPEN JOINT DAY Dallas Jones; Chrystine Kelley
EPA: Radon and Policy Priorities (Keynote) Janet McCabe
National Radon Action Plan Katherine Pruitt
Learning Lab – Professional Discount Supply
Mitigation Simulation Tool / NRPP Training Requirement Adam Salam
State Policy Developments Crystal Lytle; Michelle Thompson
Learning Lab – LazerWebSites
Indiana AARST Compliance Project Dallas Jones
Legal Liability: Radon and Chemical Vapor Intrusion David Gillay
Learning Lab – Airthings – Corentium Pro
Learning Lab – Fantech
National Leadership Reports: EPA, CRCPD, AARST, NRPP, Update from the Hill Jonathan Edwards; Chrystine Kelley; Kyle Hoylman; Dallas Jones; Jane Malone
Learning Lab- Environmental Instruments Canada Inc.
FHFA Update Kyle Hoylman
Learning Lab – Festa Radon Technologies
Mitigator Survey Results Jane Malone
State Policy Report Card Aaron Fisher
Radon Test Data Snapshot
Learning Lab – Stego Industries
Residential Rn Exposure and Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy in Massachusetts:  A cohort study Carolina Zilli Vieira

Day 3 Agenda represents a half day of sessions, Practice and Policy & Science and Research Track and Learning Labs Track

Real World Application of Protocols for Measurement Technicians Shannon Cory
Post-Mitigation Marketing Brent Ulbert
Learning Lab – Vapor Sentinel
Raising Local Agency Understanding of Rn for Effective Use of Available Grants  to Increase Testing and Mitigation Ashley Falco
Determination of Temporal Variation in Indoor Radon Concentration Data from the CDC Tracking Network Michele Monti; Sidoine Kamgang
Learning Lab – Lead Patrol
A Case Study of HVAC System Influence on Radon Concentrations Within a Building David Metzger
Long-term Evaluation of a Reusable Radon-in-Water Proficiency Test Uttam Saha
Radon in Municipal Waste Landfill Methane Gas Tony LaMastra
Closing Session The Future’s So Bright – You’ll Need Sunglasses