Symposium Notes: President’s Awards

Each year at the annual meeting held during the symposium, the AARST president recognizes excellence in leadership. This year, Kyle Hoylman presented five awards. The Rocky Mountain AARST Chapter, Lindi Campbell, Gary Hodgden, and Steve Tucker (posthumously) were honored for their leadership.  The newly created Radon Community Stakeholder Award was presented to Richmond American Homes.

Click to watch Kyle’s recognition of Steve.  
Click to watch Lindi Campbell’s reflections.

In Memory of Steve Tucker, Cascade Radon, AARST National Director

class="wp-image-30680We mourn the loss of Steve Tucker, who passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family on October 14, 2022. Steve and his wife Annie started and successfully ran Cascade Radon, Inc. in Portland, Ore. as well as Radongreen, LLC a radon design business, from February 2008 to Sept. 15, 2022. He served on the board of AARST. He was a founder and leader of the Northwest Radon Coalition, an organization of radon professionals and realtors that was instrumental in legislation requiring radon resistant new construction and testing in schools in Oregon.  Steve’s obituary can be found here


Election Results 

AARST Board of Directors

The AARST Board of Directors election result was announced at the symposium. Congratulations to newly elected Vice President, George Schambach, re-elected National Directors Aaron Fisher and Dawn Oggier, and newly elected National Directors Lila Beckley,  Aaron Friedrich, and Duane West. See the full Board Listing

Thank you for Your Leadership and Service

Each and every board member volunteers countless hours to grow the association and continually shape the strategic plan that keeps the association vital. Thanks are owed to all who serve. Special thanks to outgoing members: Vice President Tony McDonald, who also served on the Executive Committee and chaired the Strategic Planning Committee, National Director Laura Armul, who chairs the Ethics Committee, and National Director Jim Emanuels.

Renters Get Protection from Radon

Montgomery County, Maryland will require radon testing before leasing a single family or multifamily rental dwelling unit located in a basement or otherwise having ground-contact. The law, which was passed November 1 and takes effect July 1, 2023, specifies that a new tenant must be provided a test result indicating that radon is below the EPA action level as well as a pamphlet. It also requires that a landlord who receives notice of radon levels at or above the EPA action level from an existing tenant must initiate a follow-up test in accordance with EPA-recommended standards and, if necessary, mitigate to reduce radon below the EPA action level. The Maryland AARST Chapter, which helped to advance the law, shaped its provision for resolving conflicts between tenant-provided and landlord-provided test results. Montgomery County, the locus of the nation’s only requirement for testing before residential sales, has joined HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Boulder County, Iowa City, and Maine in having radon requirements for rentals. 

    Symposium Notes: By the Numbers

    The symposium had a great turn out in Bellevue! We are always excited to see old friends, but even more so to see new faces, and there were lots of new faces!

    Attendees: 288
    First Time Attendees: 78
    Speakers: 64
    Exhibitors: 39
    New Exhibitors: 10

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    Chapter Updates

    New York Chapter

    November 28, 29, and 30 CE classes and Dec 1 Stakeholders Annual Meeting. Class registrations may be purchased at



      Symposium Notes: AARST Survey Results

      Purchasing ANSI/AARST Standards

      AARST is now offering online sales of licensed .pdf copies of the ANSI-AARST standards at The standards website points to this page.
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      Member Benefit


      NRAM is always in season for AARST! Start planning now for National Radon Action Month in January 2023. Visit the AARST Radon Action Resource Center to access a full complement of outreach materials. This page will be adding fresh resources until the end of the year so check back often! You can get a sneak peek at the 2023 social media posts and download your proclamation templates today. 

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       AARST Members!

      Aaron Friedrich (IN), Abigail Johnson (TX), Alexandra Cochran (NJ), Brandon P Lussier (ME), Dana Parkinson (KY), David Christopher (OH), James L Parsons (OK), Krzysztof Kaczor (IL), kyle Ramaeker (IA), Lila Beckley (TX), Nara Scott (MI), Nathan Wendl (CO), Nicholas Jarrett (SC), Robert Norgart (MI), Ronald Melchior (MD), Tonya Keen (TN)






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      Adam Wolkow (CO), Albert Doughty (CO), Andrew F Kurian (NJ), Andrew Hatfield (IN), Angelo Spalluto (NJ), Aron C Corey (WY), Ashton Clarke Hines (TN), Brandon Pursifull (CO), Brett Guthrie (CO), Brian D Notestein (CO), Charlotte A Dudoit (CO), Christopher J Ott (SC), Daniel Devries (CO), David Brink (CO), David Kline (CO), Dawn E Coffee (IN), Eric R Breer (CO), Erik Cox (MA), Erika Dahlem (WI), Haley E Hinger (CO), Hannah Schroeder (IN), James J Funkhouser (VA), Jason Adams (CO), Jeremie D Evans (SD), Jimmy M Bowen (NC), Jose D Alvarado (CA), Justin Taggart (IN), Kevin Baker (CO), Kevin T Toll (WI), Lance N. Rule (WI), LaVonne Parsons (ND), Loraine Holyfield (WI), Lucas R Wimpsett (KY), Marleigh M Mitchum (FL), Martin C Killorin (CO), Matthew Moore (GA), Melinda Althaus (IN), Michael Maciag (NY), Michael Stillwagon (CO), Miguel Nava (IN), Nathan Wendl (CO), Peter Fagen (RI), Phil Tatro (CO), Richard Chafe (CO), Richard Moody (CO), Robert Bowman (TX), Robert Coffee (IN), Robert Thornton (CO), Ronald Hershner (NE), Rowdy Abbott (IN), Ryan L Osborne (CO), Ryan Papak (IL), Samuel B Mitchell (CO), Stephen J Berry (MD), Thomas Hollingsworth (PA), Tom Di Iulio (CO), Travis E Miller (CO), Tyler J Shull (CO), Victoria Luthy (MI), Zachery Stansell (GA)

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