Speakers Slides 2022

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Day 1 Agenda –  Represents General Sessions and Vapor Intrusion Track.

General Session  Vapor Intrusion
8:00 Introductions and Welcome: Kyle Hoylman, AARST, Joshua Kerber, CRCPD, Gary Garrety, WA DOH
8:15 Leadership Updates: Jennifer Borski, ITRC VIMT, Josh Kerber, CRCPD E25, Jane Malone, AARST, Kevin Stewart, NRAP
8:45 Keynote: Wallace Akerley, MD
9:30 Federal Agency Updates: Peggy Bagnoli, EPA, Adela Salamie-Alfie, CDC, Sara Jensen, HUD
10:45 CDC EPHT Update / Privacy Protection for Radon Data:
Michele Monti
10:45 Project Communication with all Stakeholders: Matt Wheaton
11:05 Mitigation Simulation App Demo: Joshua Kerber 11:10 Conceptual Site Modeling: Laurie Chilcote, Craig Cox
11:20 Development of a Radon Testing Disparity Metric: Kevin Stewart 11:40 Insurance Cost Recovery for VI: Ben Pariser
11:40 Radon Measurements on Higher Floors: Tryggve Rönnqvist
1:30 Standards Update: AARST Consortium: Jane Malone 1:30 VI Design for Large-Scale Buildings: Tony McDonald
1:45 VI: Risks and Solutions: Jennifer Borski
2:05 Spotlight: Efforts in the PNW: Duane West, Joel Migliaccio, Jara Popinga, Jim McAuley, Johna Boulafentis 2:00 OM&M and Telemetry: Similarities and Differences in Radon and VI Stewardship:
2:40 Proactive Compliance Inspection and Audit Program: Jane Malone, Katie Etter
2:30 West Coast Vapor Intrusion Update: Marissa Goodman, Ruth Arestides
3:45 International Intercomparison of Radon: Results: Phil Jenkins 3:45 Implementation of a Strategic Approach for Vapor Intrusion Assessment and Mitigation Along a 1.3 Mile Trichloroethene Groundwater Plume: Richard H. Christensen, Jr., PG, Ph.D.
4:00 Multifamily Houses From Heck: Wes Hodgden, Jeff Sims 4:25 Round Table Discussion VI Panel
4:40 Recognitions Joshua Kerber

Day 2 Agenda represents a Practice and Policy track and Science and Research track.

Practice and Policy Science and Research
8:00 Welcome Dawn Oggier 8:00 Welcome Mike Kitto, Ph.D.
8:05 AARST @ 36: Accomplishments + Strategic Plan: Jane Malone 8:05 On-Site Radon in Water Mitigation in Two Private Wells in Georgia Using
AIRWELL® Mitigation System: Uttam Saha
8:20 Developing a Radon QA/QC ISO Standard for Radon Chambers, Device
Manufacturers & Test Device Analysts: Gary Hodgden for Michael LaFontaine
8:25 Radon Adsorption in Detector Plastic – A Source of Error: Tryggve Rönnqvist
8:35 (RTC) Regulation Through Certification – Latest Developments: Rachel Peterson, Kyle Hoylman, George Schambach 8:45 Outdoor Radon Levels’ Influence on Indoor Radon Levels: Gunnar Barr for
Bill Brodhead
9:05 Infrared Thermal Imaging Can Help in Determining the Back Drafting of
Appliances: Bill Spohn, Jr.
9:05 Identifying Hazards for Vapor and Radon Mitigation Technologies: David Lutz
9:20 Mitigating Emanation from Concrete Without Increasing Mold: Gunnar Barr for Bill Brodhead
9:40 Case Study – Horizontal Drilling for Mitigation Beneath Post-Tensioned
Slabs: Rachel Peterson
10:45 Multifamily Measurement Certification (NEW) / Multifamily Mitigation
Certification (NEW): Jane Malone, Dawn Goard
10:45 The Evolution of Vapor Intrusion and Expected Future Trends: Laurie Chilcote, Craig Cox
11:05 Evaluating the Effect of Building Pressures on 3-Dimensional Sub Slab Vacuum Fields: Gunnar Barr 11:05 Lead-210 and Polonium-210 as Indicators of Historic Radon Emission Tendencies: Riley Carey
11:25 Energy Efficiency Upgrades in Canada: Noah Quastel 11:25 Evaluating the E-Perm RT Chamber for Measuring RN-220 in a Cave
Environment: Lawrence Welch
11:45 US Energy Efficiency Programs and Radon: Peggy Bagnoli
1:00 AARST Annual Meeting – General Session / Regency Ballroom
1:30 Update: HUD Multifamily Lender Policy: Sara Jensen 1:30 The Use of Radon as a Tracer Gas as Part of Vapor Intrusion Mitigation System Performance Monitoring: A Case Study of Two Project Sites and Lessons Learned: Sadie Schroeter, Veronica Statham
1:50 CRM Sensitivity Matters!: Jill Newton 1:50 Impact of Radon Exposures on Non-Cancer Outcomes and Future Perspectives: Carolina Zilli-Vieira
2:10 Reducing Liability – Contract Issues: David Gillay 2:10 The 100 Test Challenge: Building Momentum for Radon Testing across Canada: Anne-Marie Nicol, Ph.D.
2:35 Alaska’s Story of Radon Challenges in a Big, Artic, Far-flung U.S. State: Jennifer Athey 2:35 Overview and Risk Assessment of the Radon Levels in the Groundwater
Wells of Qatar: Huda Al-Sulaiti, Ph.D., Dr. Yehia Manawi
2:40 2022 Radon Professionals Survey: Jane Malone
3:45 Radon in Water Certificate (NEW) VI Certification (NEW): Angela Tin 3:45 Indoor and Outdoor Radon Measurement Using Digital Technology, Charcoal Test Kits, and Soil Gas Sampling: William Haneberg, Ph.D., PG
3:55 Soil Gas Mat: An Overview Paul Owens 4:05 A National Comparison Between the Collocated Short-Term and Long-Term
Radon Measurements in the US: Longxiang Li
4:15 Optimum Vapor Barrier Selection: Dane Malmberg 4:25 A Simplified Approach for Calculating Radius of Influence of Radon Mitigation System: Eric Lovenduski, Darius Mali
4:35 Strategies for Systems and Policy Change in 2023 Panel

Day 3 Agenda Featured 1-2 hour-long workshops, free to all full registrant. There are no slides or recordings for these classes

Growing Your Voice Within AARST (Committees, Chapters, Board, Standards):
David Hill, George Schambach
Growing Your Advocacy Voice: Jane Malone
Growing Your Business – Attracting More & Better Jobs Peter Ruchti
Growing Your Radon Message in Communities = Successful Media Messaging:
Kyle Hoylman
Growing Your Market Footprint to include HUD Multifamily Work: Dawn Oggier