Vol. 9 No. 6  June 2023

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Illinois Bill Passes

llinois Legislature Passes the Tenants Radon Protection Act May 18

The Tenants Radon Protection Act – HB 2217 (as amended in the Senate) requires that, at the time of a prospective tenant’s application to lease a dwelling unit, before a lease is entered into, or at any time during the leasing period upon request, the lessor shall provide the prospective tenant or tenant with the IEMA “Radon Guide for Tenants” pamphlet, any records or reports pertaining to radon concentrations within the dwelling unit, and the Disclosure of Information on Radon Hazards to Tenants form. It also provides that, at the commencement of a leasing period, a tenant shall have 90 days to conduct a radon test, and if such test shows a radon hazard, the lessor may have another test performed by a licensed contractor to disprove the presence of a hazard. If a hazard is present and the lessor elects to not mitigate, the tenant may terminate the lease.
MWAARST Chapter leaders Dan Potter, Jim Emanuels, Kirsten Schmidt, Gloria Linnertz and others, provided key leadership in partnership with the American Lung Association and with support from MWAARST lobbyist Matt Maloney.

Important Change to NRPP CE Requirement

For NRPP Certification renewals after October 1st, 2023, the CE requirement for each certification includes completion of an NRPP-approved NEW Standard Overview Course for the applicable standard. This has been extended from July 1st as previously announced due to the delay in the standards’ publication.

NRPP-Certified Individuals, Please Note: Radon Measurement Professionals (RMP) will only need to take the measurement standard update course. Radon Mitigation Specialists (RMS) will only need to take the mitigation standard update course. However, if you hold BOTH certifications, then you will need to take BOTH of these courses in order to renew.

To find the NEW Standards Overview courses CLICK HERE

Nominations Open for the AARST Board

The AARST Board election will be conducted during October with results announced at the Annual Meeting October 31 in Nashville.
Positions open for election in 2023, for service beginning November 2023, are Nationally Elected Directors (five), President-Elect, Vice-President (1), Secretary and Treasurer.
Nominees for the Nationally Elected Board need to be members in good standing of the Association. No more than two Directors and one Officer from a single company or organization of common ownership or other closely related companies may serve.
Interested members should contact nominations@aarst.org or submit the AARST Board Member Nominating Profile form 
no later than June 30.   For more information please see this blog post and the AARST SOP Nominations and Elections.

Radon Leaders get Lifetime Recognition

Dr. Phil Jenkins and Bruce Snead were recognized at the CRCPD 55th National Conference on Radiation Control conference in Houston in May. Bruce Snead received the Public Service Award and Dr Phil Jenkins was presented the Radon Hero Award.
Both men have been dedicated to radon awareness, risk reduction, and standardization, spanning their 30+ year careers (each)! Congrats Gentlemen! AARST is honored to have you both as radon leaders in the AARST Community.
Photo credits: Bowser-Morner, Shawn Price

Openings on the Certification Council:

The Certification Council establishes credentialing criteria and complaint evaluation, decertification, and reciprocity policies for the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP). It consists of stakeholders representing a cross-section of industry segments.
The Council is accepting applications for the vacant seat representing Home Inspectors.
Applications for the following seats are due by Thursday, August 31: Radon Mitigation – Residential; Radon Chambers; Consumer Interests; Radon Measurement – Residential; and Non-Licensing/Certifying States.
Potential applicants are encouraged to review the qualifications. Applications should be submitted using THIS FORM.

NRPP is ANAB-Accredited
under ISO 17024

Radon / Soil Gas Events Calendar

Indoor Environments™  2023
Announces Keynote Speaker!

Indoor Environments 2023 is pleased to announce the Keynote Speaker – Steve Diggs!
STEVE DIGGS (CSP) is the founder of six businesses and led his own advertising agency and broadcast production firm for 25 years. Internationally recognized author and speaker, his Fast-Forward Leadership Programs™ keep Steve’s clients on the cutting edge of industry best practices. While Steve is a Nashville local, speaking requests take him all over the world. As a high-content communications expert he inspires audiences with leadership strategies, branding, and communication skills! He has shared his insights with some of America’s best-known brands including American Airlines, McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, FedEx, Hilton, BMW, CNN, and Mercedes-Benz.  More details about the Symposium HERE

EPA’s Proposed Credentialing Criteria

EPA continues to accept comments on its Proposed Radon Credentialing Criteria to help align and ensure consistency across credentialing programs operated by certification programs (such as NRPP) and states, based on standards, organizational and program-specific competencies, and third-party accreditation to ISO 17024. To be implemented over three years, the proposed framework could harmonize practices and policies and expand consumer trust and confidence in the radon service provider industry.
Now Available: Recording of EPA’s April 12th information session.
Comments are being accepted by EPA through June 21st.

Attention: States, Tribes & Territories 

There will be a concurrent track at the AARST Symposium from October 29th – November 1st, 2023 for states, tribes, and territories. This replaces the event formerly known as CRCPD National Training Meeting. This track will offer 20 hours of radon-specific presentations for states, tribes, and territories at the Nashville symposium – full days Monday and Tuesday and a half day on Wednesday. 

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