Vol. 8 No. 12 December 2022

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Wishing You and Yours a
Happy Holiday Season

As things get busy in the next few weeks preparing for holidays and new year celebrations, we would like to take time to reflect and be thankful for you.

Your participation in AARST, your certification with NRPP,  your connection and passion to reducing radon risk is more than a small thing. You are saving lives every day you work answering phones, dropping canisters and answering questions! Every day you study to improve your credentials are more days citizens in your communities can know they are living in safety from radon exposure.

Featured throughout this month’s newsletter are AARST benefits that might come in handy preparing you for the holidays for work or play. Just look for the blue banner “Member Benefit” below.

Thank you from the AARST Staff and Board of Directors. We wish you a profitable new year!

AARST Holiday Closing: Friday, December 23rd through Monday, January 2nd, 2023


    NRAM is always in season for AARST! Start planning now for National Radon Action Month in January 2023. Visit the AARST Radon Action Resource Center to access a full complement of outreach materials. We will email weekly during NRAM with news, tips and tools for you to share on your sites and platforms. 

    Changes Coming for NRPP Certifications

    NRPP is dedicated to providing continuous professional development for our credentialed professionals and aims to ensure that they are updated on the current ANSI-AARST standards. To aid in this effort, the Certification Council has determined that it is necessary to implement a mandatory ANSI-AARST standards CE requirement in 2023 for all renewing NRPP-Certified Measurement Professionals, Mitigation Specialists, Measurement Field Technicians and Mitigation Installers.

    • An individual who is certified in both measurement and mitigation will need to complete both courses to renew both certifications.
    • The courses will be four hours each: Measurement Standard Overview (4 CE hours) and Mitigation Standard Overview (4 CE hours).
    • This new requirement applies to certification renewals beginning July 1, 2023. 

    One training provider has already developed courses and it is anticipated that courses from more providers will be available no later than April 1, 2023. Completion of such overview courses will be required for all future renewals.

    The NRPP Certification Council also revised the minimum CE requirement from 16 hours to 12 hours for individuals with certifications in measurement only or mitigation only, to provide parity with the 24-hour CE requirement for individuals certified for both measurement and mitigation, effective January 1, 2023.

    Revised Standards in 2023

    Thanks to the hard work of numerous volunteers and the staff of the AARST Standards Consortium, despite many hurdles, ten (10) ANSI-AARST Standards were revised in 2022. In addition, two measurement standards (previously MAMF and MALB) are being combined into one measurement standard for multifamily, schools, commercial and mixed use buildings (MA-MFLB), and the same combination is being accomplished for the soil gas mitigation standards (previously RMS-MF and RMS-LB, now SGM-MFLB). The single family standards remain separate. The new versions will be publicly available during the first week of January.

    Member Benefit

    Free Education for AARST Members 

    AARST offers free Category-I continuing education courses to all AARST members. Spend the holidays beefing up on your wider radon expertiese like: “Radon and Citizen Science”, “Radon in Schools: EPA Tools for Schools and Case Studies”, “Do your test reports comply with the ANSI-AARST Standard?” and more. To review the free courses, CLICK HERE



      Policy Updates

      Out for Public Comment – Revisions to Iowa’s Regulations
      The proposed amendments have been drafted to implement the Radon Testing and Mitigation in
      Public Schools Act, 2022 Iowa Acts, House File 2412.The proposed amendments:
      ● Clean up outdated certification agency language to delete NEHA
      ● Update rules to include the current national consensus radon measurement standards.
      ● Add rules about measurement training requirements and training course approval for school district employees as required by 2022 Iowa Acts, House File 2412
      View the proposed rule here. Deadline for comments: December 6.

      Out for Public Comment – Revisions to Nebraska’s Regulations
      With the adoption of this rule, Nebraska will become the eleventh state that relies exclusively on the ANSI-AARST standards.
      View the proposed rule here. Deadline for comments: January 19, 2023.

      Chapter Updates

      Good News – Chapters Forming for IN TN and VA!
      AARST is grateful for members who gave stepped forward to start new chapters. If you live in one of these states and want to get involved, please reach out to the leader designated below.

      Indiana – Dawn Coffee dawn@yeslabsllc.com

      Virginia – John Davis jwsdavisjr@gmail.com

      Tennessee – Phil McDonnell pmcdonnell@swatradon.com

      AARST Chapters provide an excellent source of opportunities to meet other professionals, attend CE events, and work together to advance changes in state legislation. Join your AARST Chapter today! For more Chapter information or to find your local Chapter CLICK HERE 

      If you live in another state and want to form a chapter, email director@aarst.org

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        Welcome to Our Newest
         AARST Members!

        Brian Walker (MI), Heather McKeever Porreca (NJ), Johna Boulafentis (ID), Michael Nicosia (NJ), Rafael Colon Jr. (CT), Stephen Sycuro (NE) 

        Thank to all who renewed your membership: Andrew Ramsey (AZ), Daniel J Casciato (PA), Douglas McCullough (VA), Dr. Leo Moorman (CO), Greg Comer (MN), James Nelson (IL), Khanrad J Wilson (IN), Larry A. Bordner (FL), Matthew A. Bednarz (CT), Melissa Marte (NJ), Michael Christophides (NY), Michael E Jezek (TN), Michael Smit (NM), Nataliya Cullen (IL), Neal B. Freuden (CT), Paul W. Schollmeier (MN), Richard F. Pezzino, RMS (NY), Sean Williford (CO), Walt Donnay (MN) 



        Welcome to Our Newest
        NRPP Certified Professionals!

        Aaron D Giles (WV), Alan C Selch (CO), Alex Becker (CO), Andre Hawkins (GA), Andrew J Hultin (CO), Aubrey L Trudell (MI), Ben Stebbins (IL), Brandon Lowe (CO), Dirck P Parsons (CO), Dustin L Anderson (CO), Eric A Chenoweth (CO), Ethan Hensel (CO), Ethan V Nelson (UT), Fredric S LeClair (NY), Gage K Busch (OH), Gage W Mirich (CO), Jacob E Hardin (OR), Jacob S Mathis (MD), Jake Williams (CA), Jed M Walker (UT), John A Candler (VA), Jordan R Phelps (CO), Joshua Seidler (CO), Julie M Kessler (CO), Justin A Daniels (CO), Keith Slider (MO), Logan Higbea (VA), Mariah Derda (TX), Matthew Kozusko (CO), Matthew Ruggieri (PA), Michelle S Brenner (KY), Nick Ambrosio (CO), Paul Burek (CO), Robert K Gallegos (UT), Sarah Sweiven (MN), Sean P Mulcahy (NJ), Shelby Amsel (MA), Stephen Inman (CO), Taylor J Neveling (NJ), Thomas W Cassidy (CO), Tim J Erickson (SD), Trevor Baker (NC), Ty McConnell (CO), Tyler Griffith (CO), William Rourke (CT), William Wilson (MD)

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