Vol. 8 No. 10 October 2022

News and Events For the Industry

Symposium season has arrived for the AARST and NRPP offices!
We appreciate your patience with expected delays in processing requests and replying to messages.

The AARST Radon PAC is sponsoring a silent auction in conjunction with the Symposium. Please consider contributing something attractive and fun to the effort. Contact Carolyn Koke at 334-826-0356 or ckoke@spruce.com to donate and for more information. Bidding will be open from… MORE

Here’s a list of suggestions:

  • Golf outing, fishing trip, whitewater rafting, ski pass
  • Tickets: Concert, museum, sporting event
  • Guitar / other music lessons
  • Electronic devices such as a tablet or laptop
  • Food and/or wine gift basket
  • VISA, M/C, or store gift card
  • Spa day
  • Website design
  • Radon testing or mitigation equipment
  • Training classes

AARST Board Elections in October:
Is Your Membership Up to Date?

This year, one Vice President seat and 5 Nationally Elected Director seats are up for election. To be eligible to vote,  you must be a current AARST member.

Details and an official sample ballot are available HERE. Voting begins on October 14, 2022 at 12:01 AM and ends October 24, 2022 at Noon. 

Online voting is administered and monitored independently by eBallot’s Vote Net system. ADA paper ballot requests must be sent to the Executive Director no later than October 7th.

Symposium Hotel Discount Extended!
Hyatt Regency Bellevue

The AARST Symposium hotel, Hyatt Regency Bellevue on Seattle’s Eastside, 900 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, Washington, 98004-4272, has extended our room block deadline to this Friday, October 7th. Get the AARST price $211.00/ night by booking through our website. BOOK YOUR STAY

Check out the neighborhood, the Friends and Family outing, Tour of Seattle and other great local features at ON YOUR OWN.

First time offered at a Symposium: Workshop Wednesday (9:00 – 11:00 AM)

The full registration always includes Wednesday sessions. This year the AARST Planning Committee presents Wednesday Workshops. These are 1, 1.5 and 2 hour-long workshops that give smaller groups of attendees a deep dive into topics often asked for but which don’t fit in the normal timing of a dual-track agenda. Consider these more specialized and personal learning experiences. Please pre-register so workshop leaders will know how many students will be participating. Email symposium@aarst.org with your workshop selection.

  • Growing Your Voice Within AARST (Committees, Chapters, Board, Standards) – Leaders: David Hill, George Schambach
  • Growing Your Advocacy Voice – Leader, Jane Malone
  • Growing Your Business – Attracting More & Better Jobs – Leader, Peter Ruchti
  • Growing Your Radon Message in Communities = Successful Media Messaging – Leader, Kyle Hoylman
  • Growing Your Market Footprint to include HUD Multifamily Work – Leader, Dawn Oggier


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AARST National Calendar

AARST is Hiring

We are pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for two staff positions with AARST: Executive Director
Director of Proficiency

Purchasing ANSI/AARST Standards

AARST is now offering online sales of licensed .pdf copies of the ANSI-AARST standards at https://aarst.org/standards-library. The standards website points to this page.
Like other organizations that offer standards pdfs, AARST requires acceptance of an End User License Agreement (EULA) to help to protect the copyright. The AARST EULA allows a purchaser to print one copy and download to a computer and mobile device, but prohibits further reproduction in any form. Acceptance of the EULA involves a simple checkbox.
AARST is phasing out sales of printed copies due to the challenges of managing inventory and increased printing and shipping costs.

Member Benefit


NRAM is always in season for AARST! Start planning now for National Radon Action Month in January 2023. Visit the AARST Radon Action Resource Center to access a full complement of outreach materials. This page will be adding fresh resources until the end of the year so check back often! You can get a sneak peek at the 2023 social media posts and download your proclamation templates today. 

Welcome to Our Newest
 AARST Members!

 Aarmond J Proctor (CO), Aaron Wagoner (CO), Aaron Wynn (MI), Aetideas Marinakis (WI), Alexander Elizzar (IL), Alexander Johnsen (CO), Alicia Cotton (OH), Alisha Szews (WI), Amanda Pike (CO), Andre Hawkins (GA), Andrea Stephens (KY), Andrew F Kurian (NJ), Andrew R Dodge (IN), Andrew Rance (CO), Antonio Copa (WI), Ashley Mondragon (NJ), Ashley Shann (NJ), Aubrey Trudell (MI), Audrey Sims (KY), Austin Rose (OH), Avery Festa (PA), Benjamin Daniels (WI), Beverly Hanneke (MO), Bill Sublette (WI), Brad Roebuck (OH), Brandi Light (KY), Brandon Brooks (WI), Brandon Spoerl (WI), Brandy Farrell (CO), Brandy Furlong (WI), Brian Priddy (KY), Brian Stewart (WI), Brian Villier (KY), Bryan Frazzini (WI), Cardre Jackson (TN), Carlos Galvan (WI), Charif Simmons (NJ), Charles Randle (NJ), Chris Weiman (CO), Christopher Lemcke (WI), Chrs Carroll (WI), Cody Hall (WI), colton Hawkins (WI), Connor Lemenager (MA), Crystal L Hall (OH), Daniel Gallagher (NJ), Daniel Nigara (NJ), Daniel Pomatto (IL), Daniel S. Stallings, EP (OR), Daniel Taylor (NJ), Danielle Hudnall (CO), Danielle Metcalfe (KY), Danielle Zucker (NJ), Darren S Gunter (NV), David Broadhead (UT), David Eide (WI), David Kulakowski (IL), David Letcher (NJ), David Rojas (NJ), David Scott (MI), Deborah VanDyk (NJ), Denise Sullivan (MD), Derek Kennedy (NJ), Derwin Rodriguez (NJ), Deven Soto (NJ), Dominic Clarin (UT), Dominic Fackrell (UT), Don Lear (IN), Douglas Eckhardt (NJ), Douglas Webster (KY), Doyle Crawford (MI), Drake Crawford (MI), Drew Lovasi (NJ), Elizabeth Humphrey (KY), Ellen Cook (WI), Emily Ambrosi (NJ), Emily Laura (NJ), Emily Magyar (NJ), Eric Motion (MI), Erika Carroll (WI), Evan King (GA), Gary Lusz (WI), Grant Smith (MI), Heather Bennett (KY), Jake Lemanis (NJ), James Martin, Jr (NJ), James Scurlock (OH), James Waligorski (WI), Jan Perez (WI), Janey Henigan (WI), Jasmine Satorre (NJ), Jason Haley (CO), Jeff Noltner (WI), Jeffrey Gray (MI), Jennifer Fusco (NJ), Jennifer Rowley (CO), Jeremy Porter (UT), Joanne H. Grammer (NJ), Joe Daniel (WI), John Cooke (IL), John Cowell (NJ), John Frade (NJ), John Metallo (UT), Jonathan Loyd (KY), Jonathan Runquist (WI), Jordan Stiles (KY), Joseph Webster, Jr. (MI), Joshua Ostby (WI), Juan C. Jimenez (VA), Justin Daniels (CO), Justin Witten (NJ), Kaity March (NJ), Karen Thom (WI), Karyn Wolf (NJ), Kella Smith (KY), Kelly Orr (KY), Kenneth Waldele (NJ), Kenshin Phan (WI), Kevin Baier (NJ), Kevin Bailey (NJ), Kevin Thompson (CO), Kevin Van Santen (IL), Kristine Wall (IL), Kurt S. Hudgins (MI), Kyle Davis (MI), Kyle Gilmore (UT), Kyle Hoffman (OH), Kyle Italis (WI), Kyle W. Larkin (WI), Lance Kukla (WI), Laura Caldwell (WI), Leon Ukwishaka (KY), Lindsey Schultz (NJ), Lisa Marie Barca-Rabeiro (NJ), Logan Deschamplain (WI), Loraine Holyfield (WI), Louis Levisky (NJ), Madeline Lee (NJ), Major Suttles (WI), Mark Kosloski (WI), Mark Suter (KY), Martin Blocher (WI), Martin Mejia Gonzalez (GA), Mathew Chase Cline (KY), Matt McClung (OH), Matt Sisk (OH), Matthew Dutra (NY), Matthew R Sedia (KY), Matthew Wirt (NJ), Michael Green (WI), Michael Heller (NJ), Michael Rios (UT), Michelle Brenner (KY), Mitchell Wilson (KY), Neil Plohr (MI), Nicholas Meeks (WI), Nicole Hann (NJ), Omar Acevedo (NJ), Otis Hannigan (IL), Patricia Fera (WI), Patrick Mireles (WI), Paul Patelis (GA), Philip Coache (NJ), Philip McDonnell (TN), Portia Fulton (OH), Rachel Charette (NJ), Raymond McLaughlin (WI), Raymond Ortiz (NJ), Richard Hand (NJ), Rick Braun (WI), Rick Martin (MI), Rob Carpenter (KY), Robert Bosch (MI), Robert Moya (MI), Robert Thomas (IN), Robyn Roesing (NJ), Rocco Dimichino (NJ), Ruth Gilmore (WI), Ryan Adams (WI), Ryan Hanlon (CO), Ryan Petersen (UT), Samantha Elizzar (IL), Samuel Weiss (CO), Sarah Bonniwell (WI), Sarah E Chase (CO), Scott Jacka (WI), Scott Waldenmyer (CO), Sean C Harris (CO), Sharon Koehler (NJ), Shawn E Veith (CO), Shawn Federer (OH), Shawn Martinez (CO), Stacey Dotson (OH), Stacey Hollon (KY), Stephanie Leenstra (NJ), Stephanie Whalen (WI), Stephen Short (OH), Steven A Rose (OH), Susan Hill (OH), Tara Hubbard (KY), Tevin Ingram (NJ), Theodore Alberta (NJ), Thomas Bendak (IL), Thomas Krone (IL), Thomas Pennachino (NJ), Timothy Ryan Godar (IL), Timothy Sandberg (UT), Tom Koch (CO), Valerie Korczukowski (NJ), William Allen (WI), William Desilets (WI), William Hoffman (OH), William Nicholas (NJ), Yvonne Lewis (CO), Zachery Sipes (KY) 

Welcome to Our Newest
NRPP Certified Professionals!

Adam Wolkow (CO), Albert Doughty (CO), Andrew F Kurian (NJ), Andrew Hatfield (IN), Angelo Spalluto (NJ), Aron C Corey (WY), Ashton Clarke Hines (TN), Brandon Pursifull (CO), Brett Guthrie (CO), Brian D Notestein (CO), Charlotte A Dudoit (CO), Christopher J Ott (SC), Daniel Devries (CO), David Brink (CO), David Kline (CO), Dawn E Coffee (IN), Eric R Breer (CO), Erik Cox (MA), Erika Dahlem (WI), Haley E Hinger (CO), Hannah Schroeder (IN), James J Funkhouser (VA), Jason Adams (CO), Jeremie D Evans (SD), Jimmy M Bowen (NC), Jose D Alvarado (CA), Justin Taggart (IN), Kevin Baker (CO), Kevin T Toll (WI), Lance N. Rule (WI), LaVonne Parsons (ND), Loraine Holyfield (WI), Lucas R Wimpsett (KY), Marleigh M Mitchum (FL), Martin C Killorin (CO), Matthew Moore (GA), Melinda Althaus (IN), Michael Maciag (NY), Michael Stillwagon (CO), Miguel Nava (IN), Nate Wendl (CO), Peter Fagen (RI), Phil Tatro (CO), Richard Chafe (CO), Richard Moody (CO), Robert Bowman (TX), Robert Coffee (IN), Robert Thornton (CO), Ronald Hershner (NE), Rowdy Abbott (IN), Ryan L Osborne (CO), Ryan Papak (IL), Samuel B Mitchell (CO), Stephen J Berry (MD), Thomas Hollingsworth (PA), Tom Di Iulio (CO), Travis E Miller (CO), Tyler J Shull (CO), Victoria Luthy (MI), Zachery Stansell (GA) 

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