Speakers Guidelines

Speakers Guidelines

Speakers for the 2020 Virtual symposium, will be required to run video conferencing with good internet speed, (ethernet or uninterrupted) and cameras, and microphones set up with good lighting. Situate yourself in your home or office where you have the best bandwidth.

Please try to minimize background clutter. Green screens may be used or a corner of your home where you look relaxed and professional.

Speakers are encouraged not to use slides for an entire presentation. Speakers manage their own slides, but will send AARST a final copy so your host-moderator or AARST Admin can present them if there is technical difficulties.

Confirmed speakers will receive an onboarding packet consisting of:

  • Confirmation letter of session, date and time, to be signed and returned to AARST
  • Timeline due dates
  • Registration information – once registered, speakers will have access to their personal Whova app profile dashboard, and will upload a photo and bio
  • Test/practice session scheduled 2-3 weeks prior to your session