Vol. 9 No. 12  December 2023

News and Events For the Industry

NRPP Exams have Resumed

NRPP is again offering Radon Measurement Professional and Field Technician Exams. These measurement exams are pilot tests that will cost test-takers 50% off the normal price; they will not be scored until a sufficient number of people have taken them. We estimate that it will take until December 15 to achieve this volume. The more people who take the test, the sooner the pilot testing process will be over and the sooner we can score the exams and release the results.
For more information on the pilot testing process please VISIT

The American Radon Policy Campaign (ARPC) Advertisers Needed for 2024!

The American Radon Policy Campaign (ARPC) was created to convince key federal policymakers to provide leadership in protecting people from radon exposure. Since 2013, the ARPC Advertisers program has been the mechanism through which AARST members purchase advertising to support AARST’s government affairs work. All contributions to ARPC Advertisers are tax-deductible business expenses. Legislative support for action on radon is governed by political choices about budget priorities, environmental policies, and consumer protection. Lobbying and other advocacy activities fuel political outcomes. Like any other serious industry, the radon profession needs experienced representation in Washington DC and state capitols across the US to tell the story of radon risk and explain what actions can help reduce risk (and which ones increase risk). It costs money to deliver those messages. SUPPORT POLICY CHANGE HERE

Radon Events Calendar

Chapter Corner

Events to mark your calendars:

2023 Indiana AARST Radon Conference, Dec. 6, Indianapolis, IN

Maryland AARST Chapter meeting, Dec. 27, 4pm ET 

AARST Member Benefit!

AARST is now providing association members with free access to current and previous standards in both licensed PDF format and searchable Flipbook format. AARST members will be able to access these versions whenever they are logged in to the MY ACCOUNT section of the website at the Standards Library.
Members of the public will continue to have free access to non-searchable flipbooks as well as to purchase PDF versions at standards.aarst.org
Earlier versions: Because some states have adopted a previous version of standards, these are also still available in Flipbooks and for purchase.

End-of-year Checklist for
Small Businesses

Read Intuit Quickbooks Blog post by Megan Sullivan

As a small business owner, you have an even longer list of things to think about at the end of the year. This list includes things like financial statements, taxes, and employee incentives. It can be tricky to balance work and life toward the end of the year. But devoting some attention to your business not only helps you end the current year on a high note but also sets you up for success in the new year.

Use the following checklist to ensure you take care of business tasks before year-end. With these tasks off your plate, you can turn your attention to the things that matter most. HERE

Improper Contracting for Multifamily Radon Services?

NEW!  AARST is now accepting reports of improper contracting for multifamily radon services. “Improper” is defined as radon projects where the solicited/contracted scope of work is in violation of an applicable state law or regulation or radon standard, such as testing less than 100% ground-contact units.

Two versions of the form are available:
Google form (posts to AARST staff automatically)
MS Word (download, fill out, and attach to an email to nationalpolicy@aarst.org)

First Certification Cycle To-Do List

Congrats on becoming NRPP certified! If this is your first year being certified, it’s important to start looking ahead at renewal requirements so that you’re ready when your two years is up! Read below for how to maintain your newly-earned certification in the first year:

  • Start planning your continuing education
    • Take a look at the catalog of NRPP-approved courses and find some that may interest you. RMP and RMS certifications require 12 CEs each; RMFT and RMI require 8 CEs each, and SGMI-CI certification requires 4 CEs.
  • Complete your 4-hour mandatory standards review course
    • This is a requirement for all individuals renewing, and if you hold multiple NRPP certifications, you will need to complete one MSR for each. These 4-hour courses can be applied towards the total CEs needed for your certification(s). CLICK to read more

NRPP CE Requirement is Now in Effect

For NRPP Certification renewals after October 1st, 2023, the CE requirement for each certification includes completion of an NRPP-approved NEW Standard Overview Course for the applicable standard. The start date for this requirement has been extended from July 1st as previously announced due to the delay in the standards’ publication.

NRPP-Certified Individuals, Please Note: Radon Measurement Professionals (RMP) will only need to take the measurement standard update course. Radon Mitigation Specialists (RMS) will only need to take the mitigation standard update course. However, if you hold BOTH certifications, then you will need to take BOTH of these courses in order to renew.

To find the NEW Standards Overview courses CLICK HERE

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Not in the AARST MVP Program yet? Signing in to your AARST Member Dashboard and connecting your account is easy.

NRPP Volunteer Radon Experts Needed

NRPP is seeking volunteer subject matter experts for a number of its certification activities. We rely on the expertise of radon practitioners in the development of all our certification activities. Our programs are designed by the radon industry, for the radon industry, and we have a number of ongoing and future opportunities available. 

We are in search of volunteers who would like to get involved in the certification development process which includes serving on a JTA (job task analysis) panel, writing and reviewing test questions for the various exams, and setting the passing scores on future exams. Detailed descriptions of these tasks can be found on the recruitment form here, which must be completed if you are interested in participating in any of these. We will contact you when we are actively recruiting for each task and, if you are no longer available or interested at that time, just let us know. 

Editorial Content Wanted: AARST publishes content over two platforms. We are interested in radon and vapor intrusion interest stories, technical papers, business topics, health advancements/detection in regard to radon-related issues, and more. Please submit content for consideration to editor@aarst.org.

Welcome to Our Newest
 AARST Members!

Alexander J Yelle (RI), Alexandra Papasavvas (NJ), Bonnie Cassani-Brandt (RI), Daniel Ziobro (RI), Donald J. Bronson (CO), Duane A Younger (CO), Edward Hagstrom (OK), Julio Otazo (FL), Kevin Minto (CA), Sarah Fisher (NJ), Scott Baker (CO)

Welcome to Our Newest
NRPP-Certified Professionals!

Aaron Marjala (WI), Benjamin J Traub (NM), Cameron Krogue (UT), James s Emanuels (IL), Justin Bahr (WI), Justin Kratochvil (CO), Lorane Lester (KS), Matthew G Emanuels (IL), Ryan I Shores (GA), Talmage A Rupert (UT)

AARST is a nonprofit, professional organization of members who are dedicated to the highest standard of excellence and ethical performance of hazard identification and abatement of radon, chemical vapor intrusion, and other contaminants of concern in the built environment. The organization primarily strives to advance the interests of its members through developing industry standards, certifying technical proficiency, enabling advancement of public policy, and communicating health risks to the public.  – Revised mission statement, February 2023