The Indoor Environments Association, formerly known as AARST, addresses radon, chemical vapor intrusion, and other contaminants of concern in the built environment.

Call for Abstracts continues for Indoor Environments 2024 Radon and Vapor Intrusion Symposium, September 15 – 18, 2024 | Orlando, Florida, the largest gathering of specialists, educators, manufacturers, researchers, and technicians in the field of soil gas contaminants in the US.

Submissions of Abstracts and Sunday Short Courses Must Be Received by APRIL 1, 2024

Revised NRPP Study Guides Now Available!

If you have attempted to purchase the NRPP Radon Measurement Professional study guide in the last six months, you probably know that it has been unavailable due to the RMP exam security breach which occurred last year. However, the wait is over! The Radon Measurement Professional (RMP) study guide has been revised based on the newly rolled out RMP exam, and is now available as an online, 60-day subscription. It includes a complete outline of relevant information you need to know, as well as electronic flashcards with more than 100 sample measurement exam questions.

To purchase the study guide and flash cards, please click here.

Chapter Corner

Heartland Chapter: Leaders from the Heartland Chapter, American Lung Association, Lung Cancer Connection, IEA National, and other lung health advocates participated in a successful Day at the Capitol on January 30 in Jefferson City MO to build support for Regulation through Certification (RtC) legislation. The chapter was represented by Cherie Summa, Jim Medley, Wes Hodgden, and Will Frost.

Kentucky Chapter:17 radon advocates and professionals met with more than 20 Kentucky lawmakers for Radon Advocacy Day on January 23rd. For the first time, Kentucky Radon Advocacy Day was held as a stand-alone event focused on radon-related advocacy. Strategically during National Radon Action Month, with this event, the Kentucky Chapter kick-started the year and revived efforts to unite in the fight for radon issues for the benefit of members, consumers, and ultimately public health.  READ MORE

Radon professionals and others attend the Day at the Capitol on January 30th in Jefferson City MO.

During Radon Advocacy Day at Kentucky’s state Capitol on January 23rd, 17 radon professionals (about half are IEA members) had individual constituent meetings with 20 lawmakers.

WEBINAR: Strategies for Protecting Tenants from Radon in their Homes

Please join the members of the National Radon Action Plan Leadership Council and the National Safe and Healthy Housing Coalition for a FREE webinar to discuss the need to protect tenants from radon and share examples of existing policies and initiatives in place to effect change in our communities. One hour of NRPP CE will be available to IEA  members. The target audiences for this webinar include state radon programs, radon professionals, tenant leaders, legal services, cancer coalitions, public health agencies, and advocates for housing / public health / healthy housing.
Date: Monday, February 26, 2024    Time: 1:00 PM-2:15 PM Eastern Click here to register
Featured Presenters:
Sarah Goodwin – National Center for Healthy Housing
Jane Malone – Indoor Environments Association / AARST
Daisy Rezende – Smart Home Inspects, Maryland Indoor Environments Association / AARST
Dan Potter – DuPage Radon, Midwest Indoor Environments Association / AARST
Kyle Hoylman – Protect Environmental, Indoor Environments Association / AARST
Allison Thornton – Lung Cancer Connection of Missouri

2024 NRPP Certification Development – Job Task Analyses on the Horizon!

NRPP is actively recruiting radon and vapor intrusion experts to participate on the following JTA committees:

  • Radon Mitigation Specialist/Installer
  • Radon Measurement Professional/Field Technician
  • Commercial Mitigation Manager
  • Commercial Measurement Manager
  • Volatile Organic Chemical Mitigation Specialist

Committees will define the professional responsibilities of these roles, including the tasks they perform, the knowledge they need to possess and skills they need to demonstrate to be considered a competent radon or vapor intrusion professional.

JTAs are a vital part of any credentialing program. The JTAs will define the exam content and are the foundation for writing exam questions. Every exam will be built to map to the content of its JTA.

Committees will also establish the certification requirements for each program, including the eligibility requirements, the recertification requirements, and the recertification timeline.

This is an opportunity to influence future generations of radon and VI professionals. By participating you will be establishing the requirements for professional certification and defining competency for the radon and VI industry.

If you are interested in joining us, please complete the form here. You will be asked to attend 3-4 meetings throughout 2024. Trainers are not restricted from participating in this activity and are encouraged to apply.

If you have any questions please contact Amy Roedl at

“For me, membership gave me access to all the standards, a discounted rate to the Symposium, and most importantly, it gave me access to a huge network of experts who had seen the things I was running into in the field and gave me great counsel to avoid costly mistakes.”  – Duane West, Oregon

American Radon Policy Campaign (ARPC) Advertisers Needed for 2024!

The American Radon Policy Campaign (ARPC) was created to convince key federal policymakers to provide leadership in protecting people from radon exposure. Since 2013, the ARPC Advertisers program has been the mechanism through which members purchase advertising to support the association’s government affairs work.
All payments to ARPC Advertisers are tax-deductible business expenses. Like any other serious industry, the soil gas profession needs experienced representation in Washington DC and state capitols across the US to tell the story of exposure risk and explain what actions can help reduce risk (and which ones increase risk). It costs money to deliver those messages. SUPPORT POLICY CHANGE HERE

The RMP and RMFT Exams are Live!

NRPP had an overwhelmingly positive response to the pilot-testing process and was able to wrap up testing by mid-December as planned. During the last few weeks of December NRPP evaluated the exam statistics, revised some of the questions, and set the passing scores for both exams. NRPP appreciates the feedback candidates provided and used this feedback to make improvements to the test and testing process.
Certiverse, our new remote proctoring partner, is administering the Measurement Professional and Measurement Field Technician exams and within the upcoming months, will also be proctoring the Mitigation Installer, Mitigation Specialist, and SGM-CI exams.
Secure exam delivery through Certiverse is accomplished through utilizing a secure exam browser that candidates must install before taking the test. This prevents test-takers from opening additional browsers or their email during the test, taking screen shots, and copying and pasting test content. Certiverse’s delivery platform allows candidates to comment on test questions as they move through the exam and all communication between candidates and proctors is done through chat, which allows for clearer communication during the exam session. To register for an NRPP exam, click here.

Editorial Content Wanted: Indoor Environments Association (AARST) publishes content over two platforms. We are interested in radon and vapor intrusion interest stories, technical papers, business topics, health advancements/detection regarding radon-related issues, and more. Please submit content for consideration to

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 Member Benefit!

Indoor Environments Association provides members with free access to current and previous standards in both licensed PDF format and searchable Flipbook format. Association members can access these versions whenever logged in to the MY ACCOUNT section of the website at the Standards Library.
Members of the public continue to have free access to non-searchable flipbooks as well as to purchase PDF versions at
Earlier versions: Because some states have adopted a previous version of standards, these are also still available in Flipbooks and for purchase.

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Indoor Environments Association is a nonprofit, professional organization of members who are dedicated to the highest standard of excellence and ethical performance of hazard identification and abatement of radon, chemical vapor intrusion, and other contaminants of concern in the built environment. The organization primarily strives to advance the interests of its members through developing industry standards, certifying technical proficiency, enabling advancement of public policy, and communicating health risks to the public.  – Mission statement, February 2023 

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