The Indoor Environments Association, formerly known as AARST, addresses radon, chemical vapor intrusion, and other contaminants of concern in the built environment.

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Strategies for Protecting Tenants from Radon in their Homes

This webinar was presented February 28 by members of the National Radon Action Plan Leadership Council and the National Safe and Healthy Housing Coalition to provide information regarding the need to protect tenants from radon and share examples of existing policies and initiatives in place to effect change in all communities. The policies include requiring: provision of a warning statement and radon testing recommendation to tenants, allowing a tenant to exit a lease without financial penalty if landlord neglects to mitigate a high radon level, radon below the EPA action level when the rental lease starts or renews, and building-wide testing and mitigation when the property is for sale, refinanced, or otherwise changing ownership.

The content has been approved as an IEA course that qualifies for NRPP continuing education credit. View the video for the webinar at and complete the quiz to earn one NRPP CE credit. The CE is free to IEA members.

Chapter / Regional Meeting

Operating Maintenance and Monitoring Standard –
Out for Public Review

Now available for comment is the first draft of the Long Term Stewardship of Radon and Soil Gas Hazards (OMM) standard of practice, which provides prescriptive requirements and guidance for long-term management of hazards associated with exposure to indoor radon gas and chemical vapors, to include monitoring hazards across time to protect building occupants and continued operation and maintenance of mitigation systems. To participate in the public review of the new OM&M standard, please CLICK HERE.
Comments are due by April 1st.
The AARST Consortium’s public access page provides the way to participate in public reviews and other information, such as user tools and how to request committee participation. All ANSI/AARST standards can be reviewed for free and purchased through the Consortium Website HERE.

2024 NRPP Certification Development – Job Task Analyses on the Horizon!

Did you know that NRPP’s credentialing programs are developed by mitigators and measurement professionals? Did you know that you can participate too, and that by participating you will set the bar for competent practice in your industry? In 2024 NRPP is building credentialing programs in the following areas and is seeking radon
and vapor intrusion experts to help develop these credentials:

  • Radon Mitigation Specialist/Installer
  • Radon Measurement Professional/Field Technician
  • Commercial Mitigation Manager
  • Commercial Measurement Manager
  • Vapor Intrusion

We need your expert opinion to develop fair and valid certification programs that define safe and effective practice for measurement and mitigation professionals.
For more information, or if you are interested in joining us, please complete the application form HERE. Participation includes attending 3-4 meetings throughout 2024.

New IEA Logos & Brand Usage

Indoor Environments Association is pleased to be able to share the NEW and improved brand membership logo with all current members.
Current and past members should review the Use of IEA Brand and Logo agreement located on the Member Dashboard. It is necessary to consent to this agreement when downloading the logos.
IEA leadership thanks members for immediately taking steps to discontinue the display of old logos for AARST-NRPP or AARST in professional and business email signatures, websites, social media, and other communications. This action will help reduce confusion and inconsistency.
Proudly display your new member logo by downloading your IEA Logos HERE.

Certified? Get an NRPP Digital Badge

NRPP-certified professionals now have access in the NRPP certification portal to digital certification badges, which can be used on a variety of business materials, such as websites, email signatures, online reports, etc. The badge displays your certification type and your expiration date, and can be linked to the profile on the certification website to enable potential customers to view your certification status online.
The NRPP brand communicates the program’s identity and the exceptional quality, value, and service provided to the industry and the public. IEA protects and defends its brands to ensure that they continue to be recognized symbols of quality.
Please make sure and familiarize yourself with the NRPP Brand and Logo Usage Guide prior to using these badges. To access the guide, please CLICK HERE.

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Indoor Environments Association is a nonprofit, professional organization of members who are dedicated to the highest standard of excellence and ethical performance of hazard identification and abatement of radon, chemical vapor intrusion, and other contaminants of concern in the built environment. The organization primarily strives to advance the interests of its members through developing industry standards, certifying technical proficiency, enabling advancement of public policy, and communicating health risks to the public. 

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