Speakers Slides 2016

Speaker Topic
Dr. Lane Price M.D.(Keynote) Past . Present . Future
Panel National Radon Action Plan
Dr. R. William Field, Ph.D, M.S. Revising the Physicians Guide
Angela Tin Talking to Lung Cancer Patients About Radon
Panel Reducing the Threat to Public Health Risk; The Need for Certification and Licensing
Gary Hodgden AARST Standards Update
Track II
Tracey Capuano Making the Most of the AARST Toolkit
Joshua Kerber Working With Your Local Building Industry Asociations
Jane Malone Making NRAP Work For You
Jessica Karns Developing A Comprehensive Marketing Plan
Andre Lacroix IAQ is more than just Radon
Ryan Richie Cause Marketing How To Benefit From Doing Good
Karen Butler Breathing Radon And Tobacco Smoke: A Dangerous Combination
Stephanie Foster Updating Lung Cancer Estimate Associated With Radon Exposure
Minjun Kim Study On Correlation Between Lung Cancer And Radon Exposure Environment Among Mass Outbreak Sites Of Cancer In Korea
Karen Butler Combining the Radon and Tobacco Smoke Messages to Prevent Lung Cancer
Stacy Stanifer Integrating Prescription For Radon Into The Rural Clinic Setting: A Provider Perspective
Dobromir Pressyanov Long-Term Average Radon Levels Measured In Short-Term: Implications To Risk Communication And Mitigation Strategy
Uttam Saha Testing, Mapping, Public Education and Mitigation of Uranium and Radon in Household Waters in Georgia
Bethany Overfield Novel Use of Targeted Infographics to Communicate Radon Risk Potential
Ronald Churchill Indoor-Surveys, Radon Potential Maps and Their Impacts on Radon Awareness in California
Maria Hansen A Critical Review Of The Current Best Practice For Doing Radon Measurements In Larger Workplaces In The UK
Mike Kitto Analysis Of Commercial And State Radon Databases
Leo Moorman Radon Discharge Locations That Have Shown To Affect Interior Radon Concentrations Negatively
Michael LaFontaine Establishing Performance, Quality Assurance & Listing Criteria for Home Radon Alarms – A C-NRPP Initiative
Subyoung Lee Effectiveness Of Radon Prevention Materials According To Different Radon Levels Of Soil In A Test Structure, South Korea
Leo Moorman Reducing Radon Levels Below 2.0 pCi/L, When Vibration and Sound Noises Are Important and Pipes are not Optimally Installed in New Residences
Lawrence Welch Use of Electret Ionization Chambers to Measure Radon in Caves
Gary Hodgden Fluid Mechanics of Soil Gas Entry
Track II
Dr. Phil Jenkins, Shawn Price QAQC Presentation: Getting Your QA Data Back On Track
Peter Hendrick Approved Devices for Certified Professionals Doing Their Q.A.
Tony McDonald 10 Tools Every Mitigation Company Needs
Bruce Snead Entry Level Mitigation Requirements – a Guided Discussion
Matt Hendrick Inspecting Radon Mitigation Systems
Bruce Snead Entry Level Mitigation Requirements – a Guided Discussion
John Mallon Western PA Mitigation Challenges
Steve Tucker Northwest Mitigation Challenges
Chad Robinson Great Plains Mitigation Challenges
Jeff Sims Kentucky Mitigation Challenges
Matt Koch Southeast Mitigation Challenges
Mike Talotta New England Mitigation Challenges
Michael Smit Southwest Mitigation Challenges
Track I
Stephanie Foster A Comparison Of EPA Radon Zones And Average Indoor Radon Levels By County
Martin Freeman MIND THE GAP: Reducing radon levels in buildings with dry linings, cavity drain membranes and basements
Gordon Satoh Assessment Of Risk And Viability In Radon Mitigation Projects Of Multifamily Residential Properties
Tryggve Rönnqvist A Passive Dual-Film Alpha-Track Detector For Measuring In Two Positions
Kristian Wagner for Kyle Hoylman (via telecomm) Building Capacity for Skilled Mitigators
Todd McAlary New Methods For Design Monitoring And Optimization Of Subslab Venting Systems
Henry Schuver Technical Basis For USEPA’s Use Of Indoor Radon Measurements For Chemical Vapor Intrusion Concerns
Melinda Ronca-Battista Quality Control That Adds Value
Whitney Zahnd Predictors and Spatial Hotspots of Licensed and Home Kit Radon Testing in Illinois, 2005-2012
Track II
Calvin Murphy This Is No BS: Financial Measurement Tools
David Grammer Warranty Programs are a Revenue Stream
Tony McDonald Radon Hubris: Don’t let Your Pride Get in the Way of Your Company
Brian Hansen
(Presented by Bruce Snead)
Hiring and Keeping Great Employees
Bryce Skeeters Making The Proper Vapor Barrier Selection
Josiah Alamu Illinois Footprint Study