Speakers Slides 2018

Speaker: Dallas Jones Strategy: Welcome from AARST Leadership
Speaker: Rachael Drazen-Malmberg Strategy: Welcome Keynote “New Voice #1”
Dallas Jones Strategy: Indoor Radon Abatement Act – 30th Anniversary Recap
Dallas Jones, Jill Newton Strategy: Changes in NRPP Device and Surveillance Requirements
Cheol Min Lee Break: POSTERS Assessment The Contribution Rate Of Radon From Building Materials To Indoor Environments
Prof. Seung Yeon Cho Break: POSTERS Recent Radon Issues of Bed Mattresses in South Korea
Mandy Gunasekara Strategy: Update from the US EPA
Jane Malone, Peter Hendrick, Crystal Lytle, Nate Burden, Kyle Hoylman, Josh Kerber, Bruce Snead, John Mallon Strategy: Policy Meetings: Short Takes
Kimberly Buchmeier Luncheon Keynote “New Voices #2
Dallas Jones, Jessica Karns, Shad Evans, Josh Kerber, Patrick Daniels Strategy: Homebuyer Notification/Awareness Policy
Tony McDonald, Crystal Lytle, Terry Kerwin, Bill Brodhead, Tamara Linde, Wally Dorsey, David Daniels, Patricia M Mills, Ryan Richie, Dave Hill, Curt Drew Business Management: Path to Profitability
Eric Brown, Michele Monti Strategy: Opt-In: Update on the CDC-Public Sector Radon Map Project
Michael LaFontaine Break: POSTERS Two Solitudes – An Informal Comparison of American and Canadian Protocols Regarding Radon Measurements for Real Estate Transactions
 Eleanor Divver M.P.H. Break: POSTERS What Role do Real Estate Agents Play in the Radon Scene?
Nate Burden, Renee Fox, Chrystine Kelley Strategy: Environmental Justice Practices
Brent Ulbert Rn Business Management: An Introduction to Digital Marketing Concepts
Strategy: Radon Authorization Bill Convention
Ellen Hahn Science & Research: Quantifying the Value of Geologic Radon Potential Maps and Lung Cancer Outcomes
Douglas Mose Science & Research: Risk Estimates for Airborne and Waterborne Radon
Melinda Ronca-Battista Science & Research: An Innovative Approach to Raise Radon Awareness: Train the Trainer and Targeted Map Infographics
Jane Malone, David Kapturowski Strategy: RRNC: Bad Installs, Policy Gaps
O.P. Abodunrin Break: POSTERS Pattern of Radon Concentration Variations in The Indoor Environments of Buildings in Lagos Nigeria
Renee Fox Break: POSTERS Using a Radon Detector to Validate Radon-potential Maps and Assess Radon in Groundwater
Jorge Laguna, M.S. Break: POSTERS Does RRNC Work? – A Florida Case Study
Karen M. Butler, DNP, RN Science & Research: Self-reported Respiratory Symptoms in Healthy Adults with High Home Radon Levels
Dallas Jones, George Schambach, Tamara Linde, Matt Koch Field Skills: Warranties and Service Plans
Lawrence E. Welch Science & Research: Correlating Environmental Variables with Radon Activity in an Iowa Cave
Melinda Ronca-Battista Field Skills: The New QA standard: what you need to know
Uttam Saha Science & Research: What we know about uranium and radon in Georgia well waters
Matt Koch Field Skills: Standards Trivia
Lisa Gregory Science & Research: Investigation Radon Decay Products: Case Studies and Review of Key Scientific Literature
Nicole Chazaud Field Skills: NEW AARST Member Benefit$
Todd McAlary Science & Research: Summary of Research Mitigation System Design and Monitoring
Scott M. Drennen Break: POSTERS Effectiveness and Safety of Using 3X4 Aluminum Downspout for Exterior Radon Mitigation Venting in Dryer and Warmer Climates
Dong Hyun Lee Break: POSTERS Graphene Polymer Composite Film Having Radon Gas Barrier Function And Method
Laima Antanaviciute, Ph.D. Break: POSTERS Stationary Online Radon Monitoring With Alphaguard
Jay Bauder, Wade Gervais Field Skills: Favorite Tools – Show and Tell
Uttam Saha Science & Research: Quality Assurance In Measurement Of Radon In Water By Liquid Scintillation Counting
Chad Robinson, Bruce Snead Field Skills: What’s Your PFE Jack
 Tryggve Rönnqvist Science & Research: Large Decrease Of Radon Concentrations In New-built Swedish Dwellings
Liang Grace Zhou Science & Research: Radon Control In Canadian Buildings: Research At National Research Council Canada
Gordon Satoh, Peter Crowley Strategy: Confronting Radon in the Workplace
Josh Kerber, Tony McDonald, Bill Brodhead, Steve Merritt, John Seidel, Wally Dorsey Field Skills: Houses from Heck: Pros Challenge the Audience for Best Solutions
Gary Hodgden, Douglas Kladder, Dallas Jones Strategy: Operation of the Standards Consortium and NRPP Policy Advisory Board (or The Dummies Guide to AARST Firewalls and Other Boundaries)