Vol. 8 No. 2 February 2022

News and Events For the Radon Professional

AARST Announces the Radon Report Card

AARST has launched the Radon Report Card, a tool for viewing, by state, the latest available data on radon-induced lung cancer risk and current state policies that help reduce risk. The Radon Report Card will assist consumers, policymakers, public health advocates, soil gas professionals, radon programs, researchers, and other health and housing stakeholders in accomplishing expanded and improved efforts to stop radon in the nation’s homes, schools, and other buildings. READ MORE

American Radon Policy Campaign

The ARPC is AARST’s program to raise funds to support federal and state policy that advances radon risk reduction. The program ensures continuity of federal funding and enacting protective state policy require that someone lobby legislators to introduce and pass legislation. Often, this requires the services of a professional lobbyist who represents the radon industry. ARPC Advertisers have supported lobbying work on Capitol Hill in Washington DC for almost a decade; these efforts helped open doors to new federal policy while delivering $70 million for SIRG. Now and in the future, ARPC funds will also support AARST Chapter lobbying work at the state level. Read about the good work this program has enabled for over a decade. MORE

Call for Presentation Abstracts for
AARST Symposium 2022

Call For Presentation Abstracts is Now Open for the 36th Annual AARST International Radon and Vapor Intrusion Symposium October 24-26, 2022 at the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue, Washington. AARST is accepting for consideration, abstracts from members of the scientific, medical, educational, housing, business, policy, and advocacy communities to share new and innovative technology, research findings, business and financial strategies, policy updates, and other topics that will educate radon and chemical vapor intrusion professionals and other stakeholders. This Call includes pre-symposium courses offered by private trainers.  MORE

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NRAP Leadership Council Launches NRAP | 2021–25

After 5 years in partnership, the NRAP Leadership Council continues to collaborate, sharing ideas about how best to move critical, life-saving radon action forward. This multisector group shares the work—each member organization leading in its area of knowledge, responsibility and capacity—to advance four related priorities that they all share for saving lives from radon. MORE

Education Opportunities

February is a short month but is CHOCK FULL of opportunities for educational courses! Some even in person.
Tips to stay in the know:

  • Confirm a course you plan on attending is NRPP-approved, ask the provider for the course ID Number and look it up.
  • The Radon Events Google calander also features some training courses. Click the blue + on our calendar to add it to your personal Google Calendar.
  • Educators often advertise in Rn Biz and on the NRPP and AARST websites as well as send out regular emails. Have a favorite trainer? Get on their mailing list.

Read Archived RnBiz Articles

2024 Indoor Environments Association Board Election

Notice: 2024 Indoor Environments Association Board ElectionThe Indoor Environments Association election process begins with the Nominating Committee’s call this month for nominations to be submitted no later than June 1. The election will be conducted in September....

Kentucky Chapter Advocacy Forces Mounting to Fast Track Radon-related Policy

Seventeen radon advocates and professionals met with more than 20 Kentucky lawmakers for Radon Advocacy Day on January 23rd. For the first time, Kentucky Radon Advocacy Day was held as a stand-alone event focused on radon-related advocacy. Strategically during...


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2023 AARST Board Elections

2023 Board Elections Candidate Bios American Association of Radon Scientists and TechnologistsIndoor Environments AssociationAARST Election Ballot Voting in the 2023 AARST election opens on October 14 and closes on October 30 at 1 p.m. ET. Members will receive by...

Notice: 2023 AARST Board Election

Hendersonville, NCAs a leading voice for industry progress, AARST is led by a standout group of industry leaders. The AARST election process begins with the Nominating Committee’s call this month for nominations to be submitted by the end of June. The election will be...

American Radon Policy Campaign (ARPC)

AARST Needs American Radon Policy Campaign AdvertisersThe American Radon Policy Campaign (ARPC) is AARST’s program to represent the radon industry through lobbying in Washington DC and state capitals. It will be supported in 2023 by members and companies purchasing...

The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists Announces New Executive Director

The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST) has named Diane Swecker as its new Executive Director, effective January 3rd, 2023. Ms. Swecker comes to AARST from the American Society of Civil Engineers with proven successes in association and...

2022 AARST Board Elections

AARST Needs American Radon Policy Campaign (ARPC) AdvertisersThe American Radon Policy Campaign (ARPC) is AARST’s program to represent the radon industry through lobbying in Washington DC and state capitals. It will be supported in 2023 by members and companies...

PAC Silent Auction

The AARST Radon PAC is sponsoring a silent auction in conjunction with the Symposium. The PAC needs prizes from AARST members! Please consider contributing something attractive and fun to the effort.  Here’s a list of suggestions: Golf outing, fishing trip, whitewater...

Radon Licensure Required in CO

Radon professional licensure now required in Colorado DENVER - Consumers building or buying homes should be aware that any associated radon measurement or radon mitigation services must now be performed by a licensed professional in Colorado. This requirement took...

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