Floorplan & Pricing

The Exhibit Hall is located on the second floor of the Hyatt Regency Bellevue in the Grand Ballroom.

The entrances to the hall face the elevators from guest rooms, and are directly next to the AARST Registration counters. The hall is approximately 17,500 square feet, and holds 50 booths and dining rounds to seat 330 attendees, with dining overflow into the prefunction lounge to the right (in the diagram).

Red Booths indicate sold booths.

Booths and Sponsorships are purchased and assigned according to the Priority List

Exhibitors are contacted with the selection schedule. All exhibitors not on the Priority list, may purchase once the selection weeks have passed, on a first come first serve basis. Details for the Priority List and Schedules may be found on the Prospectus page.


The floorplan includes a total of 50 booths: 43 Standard booths, 3 Island booths and 4 End Cap booths. All AARST food events will take place in the hall: Opening Reception, Monday and Tuesday Breaks, Lunches and Happy Hour.  Capacity to seat over 300 attendees. The floorplan indicates (33 tables) as some dining tables can be extended to the prefunction foyer to the right of booths 30-34. Opening Reception will have less tables.

Booth Pricing

SOLD  Large Island Booth (#1): 24′ W x 20′ D – $8,500 – 42.5 POINTS 

Fee includes: No drapery unless requested, 6 x 6′ tables with 12 chairs, wastebasket, sign and 6 Free registrations, and up to 12 additional registrations for additional Booth Attendees at $459 each.

1 Available!  Small Island Booths (#’s 12 and 19): 20′ W x 16′ D – $5,500 27.5 POINTS

Fee includes: No drapery unless requested, 4 x 6′ tables with 8 chairs, wastebasket, sign and 4 Free registrations, and up to 8 additional registrations for additional Booth Attendees at $459 each.

SOLD  End Caps (#’s 2, 7, 13 and 22): 16′ W x 10′ D – $2,900 14.5 POINTS 

Fee includes: Back wall draped (8′ H x 16′ W), 2 x 6′ tables with 4 chairs, wastebasket, sign and 2 Free registrations, and up to 4 additional registrations for additional Booth Attendees at $459 each.

Standard Booth : 10′ W x 8′ D $1,200  6 POINTS

Fee includes: Back wall draped (8′ H x 10′ W), side walls draped (8′ H x 8′ W), 1 x 6′ table draped with a white skirt, 2 chairs, sign, wastebasket. and 1 Free registration ($559 value) and up to 2 additional registrations for additional Booth Attendees at $459 each.

Partner/Non-profit:  10′ W x 8′ D $1000 – 5 POINTS – 1 per company. Fees include the same as the Standard Booth.

Learning Labs All booths include the opportunity to select a 30 minute time slot to conduct a Learning Lab. (First come First Serve as there are a limited number of Labs available. The Learning Labs will take place in the hall, in Booths 30 and 31. The Lab booth will be equipped with a stage riser, table, electric, and LCD support package. Labs will not be scheduled during Breaks.

Please refer to all RULES and GUIDELINES. Rules must be agreed/signed and uploaded onto Vendor Dashboard with a signature before purchase(s).


100% of all fees for Booths and Sponsorships are due at the time of purchase.

Cancellation: Please notify the Symposium Manager immediately. Refund Schedule: Refund Schedule: 100% through Aug 1st, 50% Aug 2nd – Sept 15th. After Sept 15th No Refund.

Vendor Dashboard

All vendors listed on the Priority List have been pre-registered to use the Vendor Dashboard and Vendor Store. Sign in to MY ACCOUNT. Set up a password to access your personal Company Dashboard and proceed to the Vendor Store.

Booth Attendee Registration

Register booth attendee’s free and discounted tickets through the VENDOR DASHBOARD. No codes needed. Vendors will be notified when registration opens. One attendee is FREE with each booth. Combo booths will have multiple free attendees. Booths must be purchased first before any attendee can be registered. Your Dashboard will indicate the free and discounted booth attendees allotted, based on your booth purchase(s). 

Booth Selection & Priority List

Booth selection begins at the start of the Priority List selection. All Booth and Sponsors must pay in full at the time of selection. Vendor selections of booth(s) and location(s) and any sponsorship item(s) will be assigned based on their position on the Priority List. Payment must be received to secure your selection(s)

All Vendors who have not selected during the Priority List process or new vendors making selections after May 23rd, will get booth(s), location(s) and sponsorship item(s) of their choice, on a first come first serve basis..