Sponsor Opportunities

Sponsors help to produce the full vision for the symposium programs and events. We thank our generous sponsors.

Premium Sponsor Levels are Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Vendors who achieve these levels will be recognized in all media. Sponsors who are not Premium Sponsors will be acknowledged as event sponsors and acknowledged accordingly.

  • Sponsorships may be purchased by any company during or after the Priority List selection process; these are first come first serve, and payment is due immediately to lock in booth selection(s) and sponsorship(s).
  • All Sponsorship(s) are available, À La Carte.
  • Sponsorships and booths have specific Point Values assigned to them.
  • Points are represented throughout the selection process and in the shopping cart.
  • Points tally on Vendor Dashboards in real-time.
  • As companies make their purchases, the Premium Sponsorship Level(s) will be indicated once they achieve the point threshold indicated below.
Rules for Premium Sponsorship:

Earn 80 points on Booth(s) and at least 1 Sponsored item = Diamond
Earn 40 points on Booth(s) and at least 1 Sponsored item = Platinum
Earn 20 points on Booth(s) and at least 1 Sponsored item = Gold
Earn 15 points on Booth(s) and at least 1 Sponsored item = Silver
Earn 10 points on Booth(s) and at least 1 Sponsored item = Bronze

All Sponsorships and Premium Sponsors levels include:

  1. Logo Visibility: Symposium signage, website, Sched.org and symposium program.
  2. Symposium Emails: Beginning in June.
  3. Featured in: The Radon Reporter Issue #2.
  4. Sponsor Appreciation Email: One-time dedicated email featuring conference symposium, sent the week before to all registered attendees. Messaging includes sponsor logo, booth # and URL.

Premium Sponsor levels also include:

  1. Social Media Post: One social media post across all AARST social media channels highlighting you as a sponsor, (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) in the two months preceding the Symposium.
  2. Ads in the Symposium Program: Diamond, Platinum, and Gold receive a full page ad, Silver receives a half page ad, and Bronze receives a quarter page ad.
  3. Swag Bag Inserts: All Premium Sponsors levels, once achieved, may have a small item included in the swag bag. Items are to be shipped to the hotel.

All sponsorship opportunities are offered à la carte, and may be purchased based on the placement a vendor holds on the Priority List. Once the Priority List Selection period has ended, all items not yet purchased are available to anyone on a first come first serve basis.

The floor plan illustrates general space use for all sessions and the exhibit hall. Many sponsor opportunities are indicated by RED numbers for specific sponsorship locations (Locations and sizes are approximate).

Sponsorships – À La Carte

High Bar Tables Sponsor (Foyers)
1 SOLD (8 Available) – $400.00 each
/ 2 POINTS each

Attendees can gather and network at high bar tables strategically placed throughout foyers in the meeting space. Each table will have a round vinyl cling on the surface for your brand! (image represents the cling which will be a 30′ diameter circle) Locations are indicated on floorplan. SEE #10

Exhibit Hall Standing Bar Tables Sponsor
4 Available (8 For Sale) – $400.00 each
/ 3 POINTS each

Attendees can gather and network at high bar tables strategically placed in the Exhibit Hall. Each table will have a round vinyl cling on the surface for your brand! (image represents a 30″ diameter circle) Locations are not defined until the Exhibit Hall floorplan is approved. Approximate aisle locations will be published for selection purposes. SEE #11

AV Sponsor
2 Available – $1,250.00 / 7.5 POINTS
SOLD General Session
Practice and Policy Track
Science and Research Track
SOLD Vapor Intrusion Track

Sponsor the AV required to run the sessions on Monday and Tuesday’s Track. The moderators will acknowledge your sponsorship during the Housekeeping in the track with your brand on signage and in the program.

Keynote Speaker Sponsor
1 Available – $1,200.00 / 6 POINTS


Sponsor the Keynote Speaker, Steve Diggs. Your brand is displayed in the program and acknowledged in the Speaker introduction. This Sponsorship includes a welcome basket of  goodies for our VIP in their room upon check-in from you! 

About Steve: Steve Diggs (CSP) is the founder of six businesses; he led his own advertising agency and broadcast production firm for 25 years. In 2000, he sold his businesses with a mission to go from personal success to significance in other people’s lives. Since then, he has become an internationally recognized author and speaker. His Fast-Forward Leadership Programs keep Steve’s clients on the cutting-edge of industry best practices. Nashville-based, he travels the world as a sought-after keynote and breakout speaker and corporate leadership trainer. Steve is a bestselling author of eleven books and 100’s of published articles who inspires his audiences with wit, storytelling, and an encyclopedic knowledge of leadership strategies, branding and communication skills…and lots of laughs.

Break Sponsor
Monday AM, PM, Tuesday AM, PM
4 Available – $850.00 / 4.25 POINTS

Monday PM SOLD

Sponsor Symposium breaks in the exhibit hall, Monday, October 30th, and Tuesday, October 31st. Scheduled in the mornings and afternoons of each day, there are 4 breaks available. Breaks include hot beverages in the morning and cold beverages in the afternoon. Breaks are not shared. Sponsorship includes your brand on event signage and paper napkins.

Vendor Scavenger Hunt – Meeting Level 1

$350.00 /  1.75  POINTS
(10 For Sale) 3 Available

Using the “Where I’ve Been” wall behind the escalators on Meeting Level 1, sponsors will have a “tag” hanging on one of the pegs.  Your tag presents a  specific FAQ about your newest product. All attendees receive playing cards, with your booth location. Visiting you twice to play: once to get your “clue”, then visit the Wall to find the correct peg containing your answer marking it on their card, and returning to you a second time to validate their answer. Attendees may enter game cards only into the drawing if all answers are correct.  Prizes may be a special item from your catalog and/or gift card (Vendor supplies prize). There will be three winners!  SEE #9

Drink Ticket Packs
Pack of 10 drink tickets  – $150.00 /  1 POINT (unlimited available)

Prepurchase branded drink tickets for you to hand out to your customers. Attendees receive 1 drink ticket for the Opening Reception, but your tickets will keep the party going! Beverages may be soft as well, so let your customers know. (This pack discounts the drink price.) No refunds for unused tickets. These tickets are good for Sunday’s Opening Reception and Monday’s Line Dancing Lessons (5-6 PM).

Monday Lunch Sponsor
2 Available – $1,800.00 / 9 POINTS

1 SOLD – 1 Still Available

Your brand will be visible during Monday’s lunch on signage and in the program, acknowledging your sponsorship of this social dining event. Sponsors may distribute special engagement flyers on lunch tables for attendees. (If flyers are left at the end of the meal, they will be cleared.)

Monday Line Dancing Lessons 5-6 PM
1 Available –  $1,500.00 / 7.5 POINTS

Your brand will get the party started by sponsoring Nashville Line Dance instructors to teach a few dance steps. The symposium will offer a fun end-of-Monday event, getting people moving after a day of sitting. Nashville Line Dance will teach dance steps so attendees can get ready for a fun night and dance at parties and Honky Tonk “hopping”.  This event will have a cash bar set up for people to enjoy – Branded Drink Tickets can be used for this event as well!

Tuesday Lunch Sponsor
2 Available – $1,800.00 / 9 POINTS

Your brand will be visible during Tuesday’s lunch on signage and in the program, acknowledging your sponsorship of this social dining event. Sponsors may distribute special engagement flyers on lunch tables for attendees. (If flyers are left at the end of the meal, they will be cleared.)

Mobile app
1 Available – $3,600.00 / 18 POINTS


Attendees use the mobile app! Our app can create customized schedules for attendees, and be used to message attendees daily. Daily messages include your brand. The following is TBD depending on which app AARST uses: attendee communities, exhibitor interaction, online social opportunities, and more. Your brand connects attendees through their smart devices, enabling them to access the online Agenda and not-to-miss, daily activities.

Rest & Recharge Lounge Grand Ballroom FOYER 
1 –  $1,200.00 / 6 POINTS

Lounge Areas are prime real estate for attendees. The Grand Ballroom Foyer has two built-in lounge areas on each end, and each is paired with a high long trestle table. All areas have plug-in options to recharge.  Indicated by a blue block on the diagram, your branding for this lounge is displayed as three circle clings adhered to the trestle table top and table tent cards in the built-in seating area. (Note: There is a second lounge area in this foyer, indicated by a turquoise block located close to the “camper”, and is an extension of the Premium Island Booth.) SEE #2

Mini Lounge Areas 
1 – $900.00 / 4.5 POINTS 

These mini lounges are a set and a cool place to hang out! Cool leather retro lounge seating is tucked into two levels of the beautiful wood-embellished stairway/escalator that goes down from the Event HUB to the Meeting Space Level 1, where all sessions are held. Both levels would have a sign for your brand. SEE #8

Railing Banners – Meeting Level 1

Left side only 1 – $1,150.00 /  5.75 POINTS
Right only 1 – $900.00 /  4.50 POINTS

This pair of branding locations are visible in the foyer of the Meeting Space Level 1, where all sessions will take place. Sponsors have a choice of either or both banner areas. SEE #9

Professional Headshots
1  $2,000.00
/  10 POINTS

Attendees can stop by the pop-up professional photography studio (Monday and/or Tuesday, dates and hours TBD) in the exhibit hall (near booths #2 and #3), and walk away from the symposium with a professional headshot they can use in social profiles. Final headshots are emailed to each attendee. Your brand is featured on this unique attendee benefit.  

Event HUB Trestle Charging Table
 1 –  $950.00 / 4.75 POINTS

The Event HUB is the registration area, and this plug-and-charge Trestle Table is located in the HUB! A great place for attendees to wait for friends and meet up,   your branding for this table is displayed as three circle clings adhered to the tabletop. Indicated by a small blue block on the diagram. SEE #4

Exhibit Hall Water Bottle Cooler
1 – $900.00 / 4.5 POINTS each
*Sponsor supplies water bottles

A water cooler is available in a prime location in the Exhibit Hall, to be filled with your branded water bottles! The cooler holds a maximum of 112 bottles and will be stocked once, prior to the Opening Reception. The sponsor will supply AARST with cases of  water labeled with your brand. The hotel will stock the cooler. In addition to your branded bottles this sponsored  opportunity also includes a vinyl sign on the front of the door, the size represented in the photo is approximate.
*Sponsor supplies bottles

Full Page Program Ad
Unlimited Quantity Available –  $550.00 / 2.75 Points

Half Page Program Ad
Unlimited Quantity Available – $350.00 / 1.75 Points

Quarter Page Program Ad
Unlimited Quantity Available – $250.00 / 1 Point

Program ads are available for anyone to purchase. Ads are available in Full, Half and Quarter page sizes.

SOLD Swag Bag Sponsor
1 Available – $3,000.00 / 15 POINTS

Everyone receives a swag bag at check in, and they carry them throughout the event. Your brand shares (primary) space on the swag bag imprint area with the symposium year/location brand. Bag style and color is TBD, dependent on availability (image shown is for illustrative purposes only).

SOLD Welcome Registration Desk Sponsor
1 Available – $1,800.00 / 9 POINTS

Located in the center of the Event HUB, the registration desk is the first thing attendees see when they check-in. Your brand is displayed with AARST’s Nashville brand. SEE #5

1 Available – $3,600.00 / 18 POINTS


Sponsor the event WIFI and your brand is on the customized splash page every attendee signs in to WIFI, and the PASSWORD everyone uses to access WIFI in the event spaces. 

SOLD Key Card Folio
1 Available – $1,800.00 / 9 POINTS

This is a unique opportunity to have your brand in every symposium hotel guest’s pocket! Customize the room key folio with your brand on the front and back. Inside will have AARST Symposium brand. Folio is full color and full coverage front and back.

SOLD #RockingOutRadon Selfie Stage
$2,000.00 /  10 POINTS

The Exhibit Hall stage is set with a large guitar backdrop prop and an assortment of guitars. Attendees can have fun taking selfies throughout the symposium days, and hashtag them #rockingoutradon on their socials! Help spread radon awareness and conference fun by sponsoring this symposium feature! Your @brand will be visible as part of the backdrop/prop.

SOLD Opening Reception Sponsor
1 Available – $3,000.00 / 15 POINTS

Welcome attendees at Sunday’s Opening Reception in the exhibit hall, October 29th from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.  The Opening Reception kicks off attendee arrivals who are gearing up for sessions, meals and networking. Make a great impression with your brand. All reception promotional materials, announcements and the official welcome, feature you.

SOLD Window Clings
Up to 6 windows available.  The start pack includes 3 windows

Set of 3 – $3,500.00 / 17.5 POINTS

Add 1-3 additional windows – $900.00 per window /4.5 POINTS

Let your brand shine through as attendees go to and from the hotel through the Grand Ballroom Foyer to sessions every day! A series of windows face the main entrance to the Exhibit Hall. Clear colorful clings can be applied with your brand and engagement. 6 Windows: Minimum of 3 Max of 6. SEE #1

SOLD Event HUB Stairs Clings
All 6 stair risers – $2,000.00 / 10 POINTS


Have fun with your Brand engagement – in 6 different ways! Vinyl clings are placed on the stairway’s risers that go from the Event HUB to the Grand Ballroom Foyer and Exhibits. Attendees will come and go this way at least 4 times each day.  SEE #3

SOLD  Escalator Banner
1 – $1,800.00 /  9 POINTS

The Escalator Banner is located directly about the stair/escalator going from the Event HUB down to the sessions on Meeting Level 1 and is directly above the mini lounges. This is a vinyl banner approximately 19′ Wide X 9′ High. SEE #7

SOLD Sunday Hospitality
1 Available – $850.00 / 4.25 Points

Sponsor Sunday October 29th C.E. classes with coffee and tea. AARST hosts private educators for Sunday C.E. courses attended by upwards of 120-160 students. Beverages are served to students at the start of classes. Sponsorship includes: Your brand indicated on the signage for the hospitality tables, and listed on the website and agenda.

SOLD OUT Friends and Family Day Out Sponsor
2 Available – $1,000.00 / 5 POINTS

Sponsor one of the most fun traditions at the symposium! This is a 6-hour event where friends and family of attendees get out and have some fun. They connect over lunch and enjoy the sights while sessions are running. The event and cost are set by the Planning Committee. The sponsor of this event kicks it off and may participate with attendees. Sponsorship includes your brand on signage at the symposium registration counter, on the website, and on the agenda. The event runs on Tuesday and includes up to 4 tickets for your team.