Speakers Slides 2019

MONDAY 9/9/19
Chrystine Kelley, Dallas Jones Welcome
Rep. Dafna Michaelson Jenet, CO House of Representatives Radon Policy Briefing – Colorado Legislature
Keynote Speaker: Jonathan Samet, MD, MS Radon: A Look Back and a Look Forward
Sara Jensen Policy Update from HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing
Richelle Tolton Radon Locally and Globally
Rachael Drazen-Malmberg, Jackie Nixon, Jan Poulsen Radon Induced Lung Cancer: Survivors’ Stories
David Smith, David Daniels, Dan Hylland Mitigator-Builder Partnerships
Josh Kerber Houses from Heck
Mike Kitto Preliminary Results from the Multifamily Testing Protocol Study
Michele Monti, Eric Brown Building National Radon Database Progress Report
Dallas Jones NRPP Compliance Solutions 
Angela Tin Two Truths and One Lie – 800 Line Phone Calls from IL, IA and IN
TUESDAY 9/10/19
David Kapturowski PRACTICE AND POLICY Radon in Building Codes Progress Report
Pam Warkentin SCIENCE AND RESEARCH Radon in Canada – Protecting Canadians in their Indoor Environment 
Moderator: Crystal Lytle Speaker: Jay Hicks PRACTICE AND POLICY Colorado’s Sunrise Process
William Brodhead SCIENCE AND RESEARCH Diagnostics Before and After Radon Mitigation
Terry Kerwin, Shad Evans, Andy Kelley PRACTICE AND POLICY Business Management: A Panel Discussion Moderator: Tony McDonald
Leo Moorman SCIENCE AND RESEARCH Case Study: Ft. Collins Consequences of Improper Testing During a Real Estate Transaction, Difficult-to-Mitigate House
Uttam Saha SCIENCE AND RESEARCH Accuracy and Precision in Measurement of Radon in Water by Liquid Scintillation Counting
Jill Newton PRACTICE AND POLICY The Science behind Your Device
Clay Hardwick SCIENCE AND RESEARCH Transforming Public Health Systems to Integrate Radon and Tobacco Control
Mary Kay Rayens, PhD SCIENCE AND RESEARCH Youth as Citizen Scientists to Promote Home Radon Testing in Appalachia
Sara Jensen, Kyle Hoylman PRACTICE AND POLICY HUD Policy Meets the Field: Round Table
Prof. Dobromir Pressyanov SCIENCE AND RESEARCH Highly Sensitive Passive Detectors for Short-Term Pre- and Post- Mitigation Measurements
Jessica Maloney SCIENCE AND RESEARCH Wisconsin Fish Hatchery and Occupational Radon Exposure
Shavaun Cotter PRACTICE AND POLICY Radon from the Consultant’s Perspective
Chad Robinson, Josh Kerber, John Seidel, Jesse Green PRACTICE AND POLICY Mitigation Tips and Tricks
Nicholas Conley SCIENCE AND RESEARCH Seasonality, Weather Conditions and Indoor Short-Term Radon Measurements
Lisa Gregory SCIENCE AND RESEARCH Radon Decay Products: Particle Size Really Matters…or Does It?
Jan Compton PRACTICE AND POLICY Tennessee Radon Program Features Triple-Project Approach to Expand Outreach
Kyle Hoylman, Wally Dorsey, George Schambach PRACTICE AND POLICY Case Studies: Certification Policy Changes in the Air
Mike Kitto SCIENCE AND RESEARCH Summary of the AARST Protocol for the Collection, Transfer and Measurement of Radon in Water
Melinda Ronca-Battista PRACTICE AND POLICY MS-QA Standard: The Final ANSI-AARST Publication 
Anne-Marie Nicol PRACTICE AND POLICY History of Radon
Lawrence Welch SCIENCE AND RESEARCH Correlating Radon Activity with Carbon Dioxide Concentration in an Iowa Cave
Matt Koch, Brent Ulbert PRACTICE AND POLICY Not Your Standard Trivia Challenge (or is it)? 
Wayne Dean SCIENCE AND RESEARCH A Radon Extraction System Retrofit for High and Low Rise Multifamily
Megan DeMasters PRACTICE AND POLICY One City’s Story: Ft. Collins Much to do About Radon: A Local Initiative
Wayne Dean SCIENCE AND RESEARCH Compartmentalized Radon Mitigation and IAQ Enhancement Fresh Air Retrofit in High and Low Rise Multihousing
Doug Kladder PRACTICE AND POLICY Are You Nuts?
Kevin Stewart SCIENCE AND RESEARCH Targeted Community Radon Testing: Results and Impact on Mitigations Performed
Dawn Coffee, Gail Orcutt PRACTICE AND POLICY School Testing Policy Progress: – IA and IN Moderator: Jane Malone
Mallory Neyens PRACTICE AND POLICY OSHA Silica Safety
Henry Schuver SCIENCE AND RESEARCH Radon and Chemical Soil Gas/Vapor Intrusion – Update on Testing Associations
David Gillay SCIENCE AND RESEARCH Radon and Chemical Vapor Intrusion: Legal and Liability Issues
Nate Burden PRACTICE AND POLICY Personal Protective Equipment for Radon Professionals