Speakers Slides 2017

Speaker Topic
David Allard Keynote- The Pennsylvania Radon Experience
Bill Brodhead Lehigh Valley Mitigation Experience
Dr. Wallace Akerley Hope for Lung Cancer: New Treatment and Diagnosis
Jane Malone Update from the Hill
Eric Brown, Dallas Jones New National Radon Potential Map
Patrick Daniels, Phil Jenkins, Bill Long Joint Leadership Update
Dr. Anne-Marie Nicol Reducing Radon Exposure During Childhood- A review of evidence and policy initiatives
Dr. David Saunders Montgomery Lab Update
Melinda Ronca-Battista US Intercomparisons
J.L. Gutierrez-Villanueva COIRA- Coalition of International Radon Associations
Track II
Matt Hendrick Silica OSHA and Tool Safety Talk
Rob Wolske Use Tax: Why it is Important
Michael Talotta Home Inspections and Your Business
Lori Waters Insuring Your Business Large and Small
Melinda Ronca-Battista Defending Radon Measurements and Health Effects Science to the Public
Geraldine Ielsch Influence of a Karstic Environment on Radon Geogenic Potential
Eliza Gross Evaluation of Radon Occurrence in Groundwater from 16 Geologic Units in Pennsylvania, 1986-2015
Renato Falcomer Poster: Radon Mitigation Actions Follow-Up Study
Gordon Satoh Poster: Implementation of Safety Regimes to Improve Radon Worker and Workplace Conditions
Sébastien Blanchard Poster: Methodology for Determination of Radon Soil Concentration
Lorin Stieff Poster: Review of Useful Applications of Electret Ion Chambers for Radon Related Measurements
Michael LaFontaine Proposed Performance & Listing Criteria for Professional Radon Measurement Devices
Karen Butler Reducing Lung Cancer Risks in Renters Through Radon Reduction
Geraldine Ielsch Local Action Campaign in A High Radon Potential Region In France
Valeria Gruber Radon Exposure at Workplaces and Public Buildings- Experiences and Future Challenges in Austria
Uttam Saha A Comparison of Various Factors Affecting Analysis of Radon in Water by Liquid Scintillation Counting
Jessica Karns HUD Required Radon Testing and Mitigation Multifamily and Nursing Facilities
Nigus Maregu Demewoz Indoor Radon Concentration and Its Health Hazard in the Dwellings of Wolaita Sodo South, Ethiopia
Curtis Caldwell Design and Development of a New Radon Calibration Chamber
Renee Fox Test and Win Contest to Raise Radon Awareness in Rural Appalachia
Renee Fox Increasing Access to Affordable Radon Mitigation for Vulnerable Populations in Rural Appalachia
Julien Villert On-Site Determination of the Radon Concentration in Water: Sampling and On-Line Methods
Track II
(Track I & II Combined) Dr. Wallace, Akerley, Garrett Harding Utah Radon Awareness: An Innovative, Social Approach to Education
(Track I & II Combined) Carolyn Koke, Calvin Murphy AARST Radon PAC: It’s Time to Get Personal
Jane Malone, Peter Hendrick, Kyle Hoylman, Crystal Lytle, John Mallon, Chad Robinson, Bruce Snead, Kevin Stewart Legislative Mock Hearing- Round One
Laurie Chilcote, Tony McDonald Crawl Space Olympics: Semi-Finals
David Daniels Measurement and Mitigation in Non-Real Estate Transactions
Chad Robinson, Bruce Snead Do I Need A Big A*I Fan?
Bruce Snead New Standards Game Show: “What Practitioners Learned Using the new Standards”
Laurie Chilcote, Chad Robinson Crawl Space Olympics- Finals
Kyle Hoylman, Tammy Linton, Shawn Price, Jane Malone How Can HUD’s Multifamily Radon Policy Be More Protective of Tenants?
MinJun Kim Development of a Radon Reduction Performance Evaluation System of Air Purifier Filters
Lawrence Welch Depth Profiling of Radon in Vertical Shafts Using Electret Ionization Chambers
Youngsub Lee A Case Study of Applying Radon Resistant New Construction According to Soil Radon Potential, South Korea
Bethany Overfield Increasing Confidence in Mapping Radon Potential with New Data Sources: Menifee County, Kentucky
Bethany Overfield Using Geology as a Predictive Tool: Creating Radon Potential Maps
J.L. Gutierrez-Villanueva The New Euratom BSS: A Proposal to Evaluate Radon Exposure at Workplaces
Bruce Fergusson Alternative Approaches to Managing School Mitigation and Sub-slab Diagnostic Testing
Jane Malone Mock Hearing Review- Round Two
Craig Cox, Tony McDonald Large Building/Multifamily Showcase: Mitigation System Design
Crystal Lytle, Curt Drew, Dan West Business Challenges
Brian Hanson Common Radon Questions and Their Answers for your Staff: How to Talk a Client Off a Ledge
Jay Bauder Your Favorite Tool: Show and Tell